According to a recent survey of more than 4,000 mountain bikers, 58% reported they do NOT own a dropper seat post yet. Of course, dropper posts aren’t for everyone–they’re more expensive, heavier, and more complicated than regular posts–but that still leaves a lot of riders who aren’t using dropper posts, but maybe should.

If you’re like me–part of the 58% of riders who aren’t running a dropper post–be sure to read up on what makes dropper posts so effective:

Finally, don’t take our word for it–see what the Singletracks community has to say aboutĀ dropper posts. Within our general seatpost review category, 4 out of the top 5 rated seatposts are dropper posts!

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    • mtnryder

      Nonsense, I was riding this trails in the 90’s with no dropper, no disc brakes and 3″ of suspension.

  • Robert Dobbs

    Loved my dropper posts but I’ve gone through 4 in 2.5 years (Reverb and KS LEV)….am I cursed or is the lifespan of a dropper post really only a few months?

  • Dr Sweets

    There once was a time when I cared what other people rode. Maybe something they had could help me or perhaps something I had could help. Now I don’t give a rat’s tuchus. Ride whatever you want. I will do the same and everyone else can go eff themselves. Hopefully, they’ll enjoy a bike ride and a beverage too.

  • mtnryder

    I grew up riding dirt bikes and had them over a 30+ year span. When riding dirt bikes, you regularly use your seat for balance and leverage. Before droppers came out, mountain bikers did the exact same thing and/or hung their back end off the seat….and did just fine. Along comes the dropper and it’s like people think it’s impossible to ride w/o one. I still only use my dropper on ultra sketchy stuff and would say I use it once or twice per DAY while most of my friends use it 10-15 timers per RUN.

    All that being said, I’m actually stunned by that 58% numbers and can’t imagine where it came from. Out of the 20 people that I ride with on a semi-regular basis, only ONE doesn’t have a dropper post. I just cam back from a trip to Downieville where we were doing shuttle rides each day and there wasn’t a single rider that didn’t have a dropper post on their bike. I know there are plenty of XC types who don’t used a dropper but I’m guessing that 58% number includes s large number of people who have never done what “most” people consider MOUNTAIN biking.

  • rajflyboy

    When a dropper post drops below $100 bucks and will be durable for at least 2 or 3 years I will buy one

  • blundar

    I don’t need it on my bikes where I ride. I tried out some droppers and I can do without them. I have been riding for decades so it is no loss for me to be without one. Now-a-days I prefer to ride more XC than anything else.

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