It’s About Time: RockShox Releases 1x Reverb Remote

All photos from RockShox

RockShox has finally–finally!–released a 1x remote for the fully-hydraulic RockShox Reverb dropper post. This 1x remote features a push feeling identical to that of a shifter lever, instead of a push button design like RockShox has utilized for years and years. The use of this lever is dependent on having a 1x drivetrain system, as the lever utilizes the space previously reserved for the front shifter.

Pretty much every other dropper post on the market already offers this more intuitive lever design as an option for riders with 1x drivetrains, but all other posts are cable-actuated. The Reverb is actuated by a line of hydraulic fluid, similar to a hydraulic brake, meaning that we were without an intuitive lever… until now. (Mechanical cable conversions notwithstanding.)


In addition to the lever itself, the remote features a “Bleeding Edge” fitting for easy bleeds and maintenance of the hydraulic line.

The new remote is “compatible with all B1 and A2 Reverb and Reverb Stealth models.” If you want to add this as an aftermarket upgrade to one of those posts, it will cost $95 MSRP. The latest version of the Reverb Stealth with this 1x remote will run $399 MSRP for a complete package.

The remote will be available this month.