10 Enduro Products from Interbike 2014

For all the jokes about enduro being such a buzz word this year, you would think it would be hard to find MTB products at Interbike that aren’t being marketed to enduro riders. In reality, we found plenty of well-thought-out products designed to meet the needs of enduro riders, and this is just a sampling.

DVO Diamond suspension fork

Syd tells us this all-new Diamond fork comes in all three wheel sizes and uses a closed cartridge bladder system that compresses rather than expanding like other forks using this technology.

Mavic CrossMax Enduro wheels

Syd also checked out the Crossmax Enduro wheels and notes that these wheels are truly designed for enduro racing, not just for everyday riding.

Kali Maya helmet

The Kali is an enduro helmet that’s a great value at $99 MSRP. The helmet even features an integrated GoPro mount for filming your descents.

Bell Super 2R Helmet


Yes, the Super 2R does have the removable chin bar and yes, it does offer some protection. But it was not fully tested to ASTM F1952-00 / F2032-06 standards. Just think of the Super 2R as an intermediate lid between full face and open face. It offers some protection over frontal fall abrasion but not to the extent of a full face lid. This is meant to be a lid that suits enduro events well without the huge weight penalty of a true fullface lid. -Syd

Michelin Gum-X and Magi-X tires

Michelin is marketing their Gum-X and Magi-X compounds as an excellent choice for enduro riders looking for balanced traction. The Magi-X is designed to be run in the front while the Gum-X is optimized for the rear. Read more about Michelin enduro tires here.

Shimano SH-M200 Shoe


The SH-M200 shoe is the top of Shimano’s new line of enduro shoes, and you can more about it right here. MSRP: $180.

Enduro packs

Enduro hydration packs are designed with an integrated back protector, which is required in many European enduro events. Alpinestars showed the Sprint and Faster packs, which integrate CE Level 2 back protection.

Camelbak is also working on a new enduro hydration pack called the K.U.D.U. The K.U.D.U. features a back protection panel that exceeds CE Level 2 standards and holds a 3L Antidote reservoir. The pack will be offered in 9L and 15L cargo capacities and includes straps and compartments for stuff like pads, a full face helmet, and a nifty tool organizer roll and integrated rain cover. Available in January, these packs will retail around $200.


The Unzen 4 Enduro Hydration Pack is a compact pack that can house a 2-liter reservoir if desired (sold separately), and the essential tools and repair supplies. On the exterior of the pack, you can strap armor, a regular or full face helmet, and a water bottle in a specially-designed sleeve. MSRP: $90 -Greg


There really isn’t anything that makes a piece of clothing enduro-specific but go to an enduro race and you’ll likely see plenty of bold colors and geometric designs. Dainese showed off several enduro-inspired jerseys along with their line of protective gear.

Your Turn: There are plenty of other great enduro products on the market today–what are your favorites?

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