The Wildhorn Corvair MTB Helmet Offers Style and Function in an Affordable Package [Review]

The Wildhorn Corvair half shell mountain bike helmet offers style and function in an affordable package.

Wildhorn Outfitters, based in Draper UT, is known for their snow sports accessories with a great reputation for making affordable and quality snow helmets. The brand recently added MTB helmets, sunglasses, and gloves to their lineup. I’ve been testing the Wildhorn Corvair bike helmet, which is designed around safety, value, and style for beginner to advanced intermediate riders. I love the look of this helmet so let’s dive in to see what else it has in store for your noggin.

Wildhorn Corvair helmet side view

Wildhorn Corvair helmet fit

The Wildhorn Corvair features a “custom comfort liner” which is a clever and affordable way to fit a wide variety of head sizes in just two sizes S/M (tested) and L/XL. The system consists of two different thicknesses of the three internal Velcro pads. The pads themselves are fairly substantial with secure velcro attachment. I opted for the thicker forehead pad for a tighter circumference fit but left the standard pads used for depth adjustment. With this setup I found a very comfortable and natural fit.

Wildhorn Corvair helmet inside

Wildhorn’s “Fine tune adjustment (FTA)” works nicely but the plastic cage is thin like a wire, so if you toss it carelessly into a gear bag, it could bend the plastic out of shape easily. The fit is secure under the occipital bone thanks to the addition of plastic circles that flank the adjustment dial. The dial is easy to adjust, and there is little little interference with sunglasses. The rather long and straight arms of my favorite sunglasses did contact the thin cage, but I was able to bend the arms to get them out of the way. The Corvair does not come with MIPS which maybe a big turnoff for advanced riders since it is MIPS is now being offered in helmets near this price point.  

Wildhorn Corvair helmet back and fit system

Wildhorn advertises 17 vents for high flow, but the vents are smaller than most other helmets I have worn. However the three deep channels in the EPS foam liner are touted to be the ventilation “secret sauce.” I tested the Corvair with and without a separate skull cap, and found the vents, in combination with the channels, just doesn’t allow enough airflow to stay cool.

Trail style

Offered in seven colors, the Corvair has a neutral and modern trail look, with sharp styling. The two-tone matte finish looks both stylish and higher end than the price may suggest. The appeal of this helmet caters to a wide gamut of riders since it does not fall into category such as “XC” or “Enduro”. The baseball cap shaped visor is surprisingly a favorite feature, and it makes me wonder why most manufacturers make their visors with such a flat shape. In addition, each of the three positions of visor adjustment provides a satisfying “click” which is a nice contrast to visors with a rather arbitrary sliding adjustment found on others.


This is a very simple, great looking and affordable helmet. The 3-position visor has a nice click when adjusting and is well made. The fit is comfortable, and the chin straps were straightforward and easy to adjust. However, some riders may prefer to have a helmet with MIPS or with better ventilation. For $89.99, it offers a great overall helmet for the money. I have continually been reaching for this helmet due to the shape and function of the visor which works well for any type of riding.

  • Price: $89.99 MSRP
  • Weight: 11.3 oz (320g)
  • Buy from Wildhorn and Amazon.

Party laps

  • Sharp looks and stylish color options
  • Functional visor shape and 3 way position adjustment
  • Very affordable

Pros and cons of the Wildhorn Corvair mountain bike helmet.

Dirt naps

  • Does not ventilate well
  • No MIPS or rotational impact protection
  • Only two sizes offered

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