IMBA World Summit 2010: Day 1

I had hoped to “live blog” much of the IMBA Summit today and tomorrow but there’s just too much going on here (plus the internet connection is spotty). Anyway, I thought I’d share a couple pics from this afternoon with a promise for much more in depth coverage later (definitely early next week, hopefully earlier).


IMBA Trail Care Crew, Canada. The guys and gals at IMBA Canada just took possession of this sweet ride within in the last week or so and managed to drive it down here to Augusta for the Summit. Look for the crew at Canadian trailheads this summer!


Plenty of demo bikes to go around. Sessions start early (8am) but knock off at 3pm each day so everyone can hit the trail. The IMBA Epic Forks Area Trail System (FATS) is the main draw but there are half a dozen other trails to choose from as well. My plan is to hit the newest section of the Bartram Trail this afternoon, the Canal/Waterworks Trail and new pump track tomorrow, and FATS on Saturday. Niiiice.

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