News: Bell Built Grant Now Accepting Applications

We wrote back in December that the Bell Built Grant was returning for 2014, and now the applications are open! Bell and IMBA are now accepting applications here from January 13 to February 28 (2014).

Bell will again be funding $100,000 worth of trail work, spread across three different projects, each of which will fall into a different category. IE, if you apply and win, your project will receive $33,333 worth of trail building!

The three project categories that Bell will be sponsoring include Pump Track/Bike Park, Flow Trail, and DH/Gravity Trail. Here are the details, according to Bell, on each:

  • Pump Track/Bike Park: A feature-laden area, either in an urban area, at a ski resort or adjacent to a larger singletrack trail system that includes pump track/s, dirt jumps, slope-style lines, skills areas and/or wooden features.
  • Flow Trail: A diversity of challenging singletrack trails with various features including relatively high berms, rollers, jumps and wooden features, with alternate lines to encourage progression. More challenging than cross country singletrack, includes grade changes and technical sections of rocks, drops and root systems but not as challenging or steep as a gravity or downhill trail
  • DH/Gravity Trail: Effectively a downhill trail with a constant stream of larger-than-average features such as jumps, rollers and berms. One-hundred-percent optimized for mountain bikes. Features expert lines that also have high-intermediate level alternate lines to encourage rider progression.

So what are you waiting for?! Apply here for some free trail building money!

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