Modern mountain bikes are incredible machines that reflect decades of engineering design and refinement. And yet, they’re still not perfect.

Every mountain bike mechanic has found themselves cursing a component or class of components at some point in their career. And as riders, we can’t help but worry about that one finicky part on the bike that threatens to ruin our ride.

What is it about this part that makes it so frustrating? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  • ZipHead

    I’m not a professional bike mechanic, but I repair and build up bikes for myself and friends.
    Regardless of brand or style of bike, the one component that gives me the most grief is my legs. If they were built like they were when I was in my 20’s, that would be awesome.

  • craige

    None! All of the parts mentioned have become so good over the past several years. Dropper post would have easily been my choice a few years ago but they too have gotten to be almost bullet proof. Bottom brackets are a high wear part but the cost is so cheap you just replace them every so often. But now that I ride eBikes pretty much exclusively they are a non issue.

  • Zoso

    Shifter cables for sure. They are generally maintenance free but then just blow up eventually. Maybe cause I ignore them?

    It’d be nice if wireless shifting wasn’t so much $$$.

  • guggino88

    It used to be the front derailleur but thankfully those are gone! I could never get it to dial properly across all the gear ranges. Rear derailleur is easier to deal with but still needs constant attention.

  • ptrbriganti

    Tires! It’s been years since I’ve replaced one that had a decent amount of wear. Usually it’s a sidewalk issue, a puncture too large to seal, or Continentals. I love Mountain Kings but three bead failures within 18 months is ridiculous.

  • mongwolf

    Shifter cables. Most of time they just requires a minor adjustment, but it is the one thing that requires the most attention it seems. I imagine the bottom bracket would be more of an issue, but I stay far away from press fit.

  • rmap01

    Similar to @John_Fisch although I would say it’s the bike owner, i.e. the person responsible the maintenance of the bike. Whereas I would say my biggest issues are related to shifting, it’s not really a problem with the derailleur or the shifter. Chains, cassettes and chain rings wear over time. Cables get extended or kinked. Derailleur hangars bend. All of that impacts your shifting. Cleaning/lubing your drivetrain routinely and indexing your gears periodically should be basic maintenance if you want your bike to shift smoothly. For all of those that selected “derailleur”, are you really having a problem with your derailleur???

  • chris_mtb

    Tyres, they still get punctures and tears. Inserts can help, but sometimes a bad (or fun) line will cost.

  • samjames2018

    I’ve broken about 4 derailleurs this season… I’m getting a little bored of it now.

  • michaelcole

    Tires should be number one but surprising its not at this time with this survey . You will have a flat or a slow leak before components will fail . You may get 6 months from a tire and if you ride tubeless replacing the goo is important if you dont replace that tire in 6 months . We must not forget the mess and getting the tire to seat

  • ironhead700

    guggino88: for sure! they could never get it right…………..sure don’t miss it.

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