photo: Aaron Chamberlain.

Every year the “hot” new mountain bike color seems to change. While trendy bike colors are meant to come and go, most of us have a favorite.

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  • grcgrc

    Whatever it comes in stock. Brighter is better. Custom is even better. (Squid bikes.)

  • travisn000

    As much as I like bright colored frames, I bought a black on black color scheme on my last MTB.. glad I did, because when theives recently got into my garage, the stole the shiney red, but way cheaper (1k) road bike and left my new, but dirty, not shiney looking 4k MTB hanging on the wall next to it.

  • ZipHead

    My favorite, by far, is raw titanium. However, my XC 29er is black, while my enduro bike is what I refer to as ‘clown puke’.

  • TK34

    Santa Cruz 2018 Bronson army green. Almost bought one. Regret I didn’t.

  • m.krupp

    I have one red and one blue bike but bought both used. I prefer black and black on black looks so cool. Been a fan of the flat grey and raw titanium too. I like simple or plain. Easier to find upgrade parts that match bike or easy to add a little flare with grips or pedals.
    I do think it is cool when someone takes time to do a whole color scheme matching multiple colors through parts/components, I don’t have the patience to track down the colors and never be sure when the part arrives it is not quite a match.

  • 25psi

    Matte green or gray are my favorite. When I’m in the woods I want to look like a tree, or a lizard, or something else that’s supposed to be crawling in the dirt. My road kits are eccentric and obnoxious, but that’s because I want to be seen by the busy, distracted soccer moms in 4-ton SUV’s. In the woods it’s the exact opposite.

  • rajflyboy

    Black bikes and Black accents

    No wonder why bicycles are so damn dull now a days

  • Joe Lodato

    Multi colors are my favorite — think vintage 90’s schemes – with orange (or yellow/anything bright) features. Anodized components not required; bonus for CNC-ed parts.

  • williedillon

    Surprised by how popular black is – it’s so boring. I guess it’s the same as people’s preferences with car colors.

  • mongwolf

    I do like the bright florescent colors, but I most like black with gold accents, especially if the bike already has a kashima fork.

  • troutwest66

    I have a black Framed Wolftrax Carbon fatbike with RockShox Bluto forks. Black rims, bars and grips. Looks like the MTB Batmobile! Very cool looking bike. I’m not a flashy guy and I don’t go for the bright or neon colors in bikes, clothing or gear. I’m also a hunter and fly fisherman so I think in more subdued colors as a rule.

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