We like to believe there’s a special place in hell reserved for bike thieves. There’s no worse feeling than having an item that brings such joy and personal attachment taken by someone who we assume will never appreciate the bike as much as we do.

Clearly there are steps we can take to secure our bikes, but no method is fool proof. Despite our best efforts, many of us have had bikes stolen over the years.

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  • Zoso

    From experience I can tell you a cable and a VERY public place means NOTHING to prevent theft. People simply don’t pay attention. Also a grinder will get through anything in 30 seconds or less. So….glue the bike to your hip at all times when away from home.

  • John Fisch

    Not me, but my son. He was out riding alone and ducked into the bushes when nature called. Bike was gone in a flash. Fortunately, I spotted it about an hour later and detained the thief until LE arrived.

  • baillie2

    The cable was steel but quite thin and lightweight. I now have a thick “no cut” cable, which is better.

    I was parked in a lonely place……..I now park in plain view……..ideally where I can see it at all times.

    This was a well-organized heist. I’m sure they had good LiIon tools……..
    BUT I did have good insurance……So I upgraded to carbon…….and now pay higher premiums!


  • bamdave

    I bought a bike from a friend, had it shipped across the country and before I had a chance to ride it the bike was stolen from my garage. It was unsecured. I also had a bike stolen from my bike rack on my car. It was secured with a cable that was attached to my car, they just cut the cable. I now have a Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit lock attached to the underside of my car by a bolt through the wheel well. That fahgettaboudit chain is attached to a second fahgettaboudit chain via a mini Kryptonite u lock which is wrapped through the rear wheel and frame. A Otto lock secures the front wheel to the bike frame. I hate thieves and if I ever catch someone stealing my bike i will end up in prison because I will kill the person. Just saying.

  • Entrenador

    Is this survey for subscriber research, or to promote a product? Like, “Hey, what’s that little orange band lock I see around the Breadwinner?”

  • dmccu

    Public library is the most likely place for theft. I have had attempts to steal the wheels, seat and the whole bike. No one ever defeated the locks, but I no longer ride there I walk instead.

  • IT_Juggler

    I had several bikes stolen in my youth. Some were locked in public places, a couple were stolen from the house (one, they even broke in and stole from my bedroom), one or two were unlocked. How did I fix the problem? I moved away from South Florida and I grew up and stopped being careless.

  • Jeff Barber

    Apparently $85K worth of bikes were stolen from Whistler in 2018, so keep an eye on your bike at the park! 2018 was actually a slow year; in 2017, bikes worth $156K were stolen, and in 2016 the total was $300K!


    According to the article, one of the bikes stolen in 2018 was worth $32K by itself which seems a little high.😬

  • LarryC44

    All of these took place when I lived in an urban area (Syracuse, NY). Bikes typically get stolen and stashed all over so the thief has options and extras when they wreck it or lose one.

    One stolen from an unlocked garage (while we were home)

    One stolen from the backyard when I had just returned from a ride, and had stepped inside to grab a drink (bike was unattended for 30 seconds). I actually got this one back with prayer and being observant as I saw a kid riding it and took it back from him. He had bought it from the thief.

    One stolen from the front of the school I taught at. It was unsecured but well hidden in some shrubs. Again, unattended for 3 minutes.

    My son’s bike was stolen while chained to a sign at the library. The thief pulled the sign out of the ground and took the bike. I tried to get a police report for this one but quit waiting after 1.5 hours (we were leaving on vacation that day)

    Urban police are so overwhelmed that they can’t really help you. Your best bet getting a bike back is to check craigslist and other sites like this and be observant in the area it was stolen.

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