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      I have recently been getting in to repairing wheels and need to buy spokes.  I am looking for double-butted spokes to replace a set on some Bontrager wheels (as they keep breaking every few rides and yes, I know they are a problem) and tried many of the online bike stores but they always seem to be out of stock.  I finally settled on Amazon for a box of DT Swiss Competition but it takes weeks for the companies to ship.  Are there any other alternatives? or should I just be patient in this “immediate gratification” world?

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      I feel your pain. I built up a set of wheels a couple years ago and needed to order a couple different spoke sizes (drive side/non drive side.) Problem is, I was only able to order the spokes in lots of like 36 or 48 so I ended up with a ton of extras, enough to build 2-4 more wheels!

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      Thank you all for the input. Did a bunch of searches and bikehubstore.com never came up. Looks like what I am looking for.

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