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    How many Trails out of the top 100 list have you ridden? Which one was your favorite?

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    My favorite is probably the Monarch Crest. The views on the trail are contenders for the best views I’ve ever seen. The climbs are winding and easier compared to other Colorado rides, and the Silver Creek/Rainbow Trail descent is thrilling and fun.

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    14 and they are all good rides,  but probably not my favorites (ok, I’m contrary).  Upper  McKenzie River trail has some fantastic scenery,  Alpine Trail might be better over all,  18 Road is just a blast and Santos despite the lack of elevation can keep you entertained (other than DH) no matter what your riding pleasure.

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    just one, Santos

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    13 of them.  Honestly loved them all.  Only one is in my state, Brown County State Park which I love.  So, for the rest it takes a road trip and you can never go wrong with a road trip and Epic trails!  I did love FATS as much as BCSP.

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    As currently listed, I have ridden 29 of the top 100.  A few trails are subsets of others (for instance, Kessel Run is listed separately, but is also part of the listed 18 road trails.

    Here’s my personal order of preference (in some cases, there is little or no difference in preference between adjacent listings, and my faves change from time to time):


    Porcupine Rim — Utah
    Gooseberry Mesa — Utah
    Hangover — Arizona
    Dosnieville Downhill — California
    Hiline — Arizona
    Lunch Loops — Colorado
    Elk Park — Colorado
    Monarch Crest — Colorado
    Barr Trail — Colorado
    Wasatch Crest — Utah
    Kokopelli Area Trails/Mary’s Loop — Colorado
    Colorado Trail — Colorado
    Captain Ahab — Utah
    18 Road/Zippity Dooh Dah/Kessel Run — Colorado
    Buffalo Creek — Colorado
    Copper Harbor — Michigan
    Slickrock — Utah
    Peaks Trail — Colorado
    Bootleg Canyon — Nevada
    Hall Ranch — Colorado
    South Marquette Trails — Michigan
    Cuyuna Lakes — Minnesota
    Palo Duro Canyon — Texas
    Switchgrass — Kansas
    Fountainhead — Virginia
    Patapsco Valley State Park — Maryland

    Of course, I have many favorites which I personally would place above many on the list.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>25 Under my belt. Whole Enchilada (Porcupine Rim), Copper Harbor and Colorado Trail are on my Top Favorite list.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>How about you, @DayInTheLife, which one is your favorite?</p>


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