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      My shock finally completely wore out in early September.  It was eight years old.  So now,  I’ve been off the bike for almost a month, waiting for a new shock.  I need a little inspiration.  Has anybody done a cool adventure ride this year and want to tell the story?  It doesn’t have to be a world class adventure – just an adventure ride for you.  I love hearing the stories of everyday riders.

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      Like most, its been tough to explore much this summer. So as a Minnesoootan, I strung together Minnesota Iron Range for 3 days in Duluth, Giants Ridge downhill, Tioga, Redhead, and Cuyuna. The latter 3 are all reclaimed iron pit mines. Make no mistake, there is some quality stuff buying built in the Iron Range.

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      Just last weekend I went to southern Arizonas tallest mountain, Mt Graham, the Pinelenos Mountains. It was a cardiac test as I have my second heart surgery planned next June. Hate summer in the desert so the best time to be out of comission, for months. Dr will crack my chest open again and at 48 it took over a month to do much, now at 67 it’ll be tougher. Mountain biking at 9000’+ was a test to see if I can ski this winter and elevations effects. The trail was washed out from strong summer rains and baby heads were everywhere along with steep climbs and a hardly used trail. When I got to the top of the climb there’s a sweet view point of the Sulphur Springs Valley, Galiuro Mountains and more. From there is cell reception so I could call my girlfriend and tell her I am ready for ski season. My 27.1 pound Turner Flux climbs like a goat and descends like a dream, with an old goat on the pedals.

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