World’s Most Expensive Single Day MTB Event? Ride 4 Yellow Divide Ride


Lance Armstrong’s Foundation, Livestrong, is hosting the first annual Ride 4 Yellow event in Steamboat Springs, CO August 8, 2010. The signature ride, the Divide Ride, covers 26-miles of singletrack flowing across the continental divide. Only 200 spots are available and registration is $100 PLUS an agreement to raise at least $500 toward the cause (77 spots were already taken at last check). Participants also get to attend a keynote address given by Lance’s mom in addition to feeling good about supporting the fight against cancer.

A less expensive option is the Mt. Werner Challenge ($75 registration, $100 minimum fund raise) where riders can bike up or ride the gondola for a sweet downhill ride. Both the Divide Ride and Mt. Werner Challenge are non-competitive with an emphasis on fun and fundraising. And if you’re looking for a bargain, for $27 you can ride the gondola up, eat lunch, and listen to Linda Armstrong’s keynote address.

Assuming most of the slots fill up, the Ride 4 Yellow should raise around $150,000 which is pretty incredible for a single day event. We know the American Lung Association has seen success with similar unique “challenge” events and we can’t help but imagine more MTB fundraisers like this in the future. Perhaps parks could open off limits “hiker only” trails to bikes once a year for a $100 per rider donation or groups could create indoor or urban bike circuits ala the Redbull Ride the Sky for regular Joes to ride.

It’s hard to put a price tag on unique mountain bike experiences and smart fundraisers recognize this. Mountain bikers tired of the same old trails will get a kick out of riding somewhere new – and deserving organizations can cash in.

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