Susitna (Alaska) 100 Mile MTB Race Starts Tomorrow


photo from Jill Valerius / Susitna 100. Is that a mountain bike or a motorcycle?

If you’re still making excuses about mountain biking this winter, this should make you feel really bad: The Susitna 100 race starts tomorrow at 9am north of Anchorage, AK. Although it’s technically a “dirty century,” a more accurate title might be “snowy century.” Competitors can choose to bike, run, or ski the course through the Susitna River valley.

Last year’s bike winner took just over 16 hours to complete the course which works out to an agonizing 6 miles per hour plod. The second bike finisher took more than 19 hours and times basically go up from there…

Judging by last year’s results, the skiers have a slight edge over bikers in terms of speed while the runners take the longest (though some runners finished faster than the slower riders). There is also a shorter, 50K option which sold out this year. If you missed the Leadville cutoff this year, consider adding the Susitna 100 to your race calendar for next year!

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