Singletracks Best MTB Stories: June

Summer arrived quickly and so did the temperatures. Catch up on the mountain bike stories Singletracks covered in June.
Photo: Matt Miller

The Singletracks staff and our contributors spend a lot of time every day, week, and month drafting up gear and bike reviews, and informing readers with breaking news and press releases. All of us try to devote an equal amount of time diving into the culture of mountain biking, digging into news and trends on a deeper level, and connecting with the mountain bike organizations and advocates who make our rides possible.

Summer arrived quickly and so did the temperatures. We wrote about why that means getting out first thing in the morning is necessary, even if it means doing it without coffee. We also wrote about what’s hot in mountain bike news: fewer camping spots, mixed-wheel bikes, and trails where there haven’t been any before.

Check out our best reads for the first month of summer below.

Pro Skills: Geoff Kabush on ‘Under Biking’ with a Gravel Bike

Geoff Kabush talks about gravel bikes – or “whatever they’re called” – and why the pro mountain biker is stoked on riding under-biked.

Paganella Party: New Trails Coming to Italy’s 3 Most Connected Bike Parks

A collection of mountain bike parks in Italy is set to expand and improve trails starting this year.

Mountain Bikers are Finding Dispersed Camping Spots Fewer and Farther Between This Summer

It’s not just mountain bike trails that suddenly became more crowded during the pandemic. Many areas are reducing or eliminating informal camping spots altogether.

Mountain Bikers Aren’t Just Riders. We’re Builders [The Stoke]

When was the last time you saw a professional golfer mowing the grass? Singletracks editor-in-chief Jeff Barber talks about why he digs the idea that mountain bikers are more likely to help build their own infrastructure than other recreational groups.

It’s Time for Morning Rides

Summer is here. Now. Get out before it gets too hot.

Who is DVO Suspension and What Makes The California MTB Component Brand Unique?

Not every brand wants to be a Fox or Shimano. The folks at DVO Suspension have a long list of exciting new components coming out so we decided to get to know them a little better.

The Guide to Dirt Cheap Mountain Bike Clothing

Mountain biking apparel is pricey and the cost can add up quickly. Here are a few affordable options and alternatives to expensive mountain bike apparel that you’re likely already aware of, and some that might be new.

‘Aren’t You Going to Get Scars? And Won’t That Ruin Your Looks?’

Alin’s friends and relatives voiced concern when she told them of her plans to give mountain biking a try as a student in Arizona.

Riding Tall: A Mountain Bike Fit Guide for Tall Riders

Bike fit experts and riders weigh in on mountain bike geometry and component recommendations for tall riders. Find out why deciding on a bike is a different experience when you’re taller.

San Diego Mountain Bike Association Rejoins IMBA 3 Years After Split

Three years ago, the SDMBA split from IMBA, citing differences over e-bikes and bikes in Wilderness. Now, the two organizations have entered into a new affiliate relationship.

On Trend: Mixed-Wheel is the New 27.5, Unexpected Trail Destinations, and the Aluminum Age of Mountain Biking

Mixed-wheel bikes are becoming commonplace, brands seem to be producing more aluminum frames, and there are some amazing trails popping up in places that haven’t ever been thought of as mountain bike destinations.

NICA’s Comprehensive Top to Bottom Approach to Diversify the Sport of Mountain Biking

We speak with the staff and volunteers who are working to make youth mountain biking more inclusive and accessible to all, from the top ranks at NICA to the coaches at the local level.

Madisonville, Kentucky Kicks off First-Ever Mountain Bike Trails with Picturesque Berms and Jumps

Madisonville, Kentucky is one of the latest towns turning to mountain bike trails to diversify its economy. James Seargent is spearheading the effort to build trails in a place where outdoor recreation has long been an afterthought.

Zen and the Art of Bikepacking: My Time as a Student in the Rim Tours Bikepacking 101 Course

The calm red center of Lockhart Basin

Learning how to bikepack isn’t just about packing the right gear. It’s also about finding the right mindset. Maureen experiences Rim Tours’ latest trip, an introduction to bikepacking.

Brake Late to Ride Faster With Trail Analysis From Brake Ace

Learning to brake properly is like learning to hold down the throttle longer. Brake Ace measures and analyzes braking forces to make mountain bikers faster.

Toyota isn’t Doing Itself any Favors with Mountain Bikers Right Now

Does something seem off about this photo?

‘I Was So Unsure in That Moment of How I Could Keep Riding’: Blake Steinecke on Mountain Biking Legally Blind

Blake Steinecke lost most of his central vision over the course of a year, and he never stopped mountain biking.

Two Bikes Can Look Alike on Paper and Have Very Unique Ride Characteristics

Two mountain bike may look very similar, but they often ride very differently. Singletracks tech editor Gerow weighs the differences between two similar-looking bikes that ride very differently.

Getting Old Sucks. Rowan Minnion Has Tips for Making MTB Rides Better With Age

Rowan Minnion, a 44-year-old mountain biker, researcher, exercise physiologist, and the founder of the supplement company Blonyx has a few ideas for staying fit and progressing mountain bike skills as we get older.