Rose Grant and Keegan Swenson Take Top Spots at Leadville

Photos courtesy of Life Time Fitness

One of mountain biking’s most iconic races wrapped up on Saturday. Rose Grant, 39, or Columbia Falls, Montana and Keegan Swenson, 27 of Heber City, Utah grabbed the top spots in the women’s and men’s races respectively. Grant had a track time of 7:23:57 and Swenson had a time of 6:11:26. That puts their average speeds roughly between 13.7 and 15.5MPH.

The course brings about 13,000 feet of elevation gain over the course, topping out at nearly 12,500 feet.

This year, after a no-go for 2020, more than 1,500 people aged 18-74 showed up to race in the Leadville 100, from 49 different states and 12 different countries. The Leadville 100 says that local Ty Hall raced again, for his 19th time.

“My favorite part of the day, in a love-hate type of way, was the depth of field this year,” said Grant in a press release. “The racing was completely different than two years ago; the women were mixing it up the entire time and kept the pressure on. It was super suspenseful as to who was going to be the strongest.”

About 100 riders, according to Life Time, left Leadville, Colorado after the race to head up to Steamboat Springs and ride the SBT GRVL Black event. That made for 250 miles of riding in two days.

Women’s results

  1. Rose Grant
  2. Moriah Wilson
  3. Sarah Sturm

Men’s results

  1. Keegan Swenson
  2. Lachlan Morton
  3. Howard Grotts