News: Female Only Bike Rides from Sacred Rides

Saddle up, ladies! Sacred Rides, the #1 mountain bike tour company according to National Geographic Adventure magazine, is offering women-only mountain bike trips. Some are nearer than others, some offer skills classes. Some even offer yoga and biking, although probably not at the same time.

Photo: Sacred Rides.
Photo: Sacred Rides.

Check out Sacred Rides page here.

They’re excited about doing whatever they can to promote women on bikes, whether it’s building skills, getting away for some destination riding, or just checking out their Women’s Guide to Mountain Biking PDF (free).

I know I speak for the rest of the team when I say we want to see more people on bicycles, regardless of race, gender, or religio-political affiliation. They don’t even mind too much if you’re slow. Ask me how I know!

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