NASCAR Drivers Form 24 Hour MTB Team for Big Bear


Bummed by the NASCAR rain delays this weekend? This might cheer you up: NASCAR drivers Andy Lally and Craig Stanton will be competing in 24 Hours of Big Bear (West Virginia) on mountain bikes June 13-14. Rounding out the team are two other experienced racecar (and bike) drivers – Mike Simon and Michael DeNino.

Obviously these guys are competitive and they’re backed by some serious sponsors including Blue Competition Cycles (look for an upcoming review of the Blue XC Carbon by yours truly). Each driver, er rider, will complete 4 laps during the race – no word on whether the drivers’ regular sponsors will get placement on the bikes and/or jerseys 🙂

Although it may sound odd for racecar drivers to be competing on mountain bikes the crossover between the two sports is actually more common than you might think. Last summer we wrote about US Olympic mountain biker Adam Craig and MTB race organizer Mark Corbett, both of whom are into rally car racing. There’s something about a need for speed that both mountain bikers and car drivers can appreciate!

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