DH Racer Eliot Jackson Wants to Diversify the Sport with the Grow Cycling Foundation

Former World Cup downhill athlete Eliot Jackson, and Katie Holden are launching a new foundation which aims to educate, expand access, and increase diversity in the cycling world.

Jackson and Holden created Grow Cycling after the George Floyd protests and in a response to the fact that the cycling and mountain bike world struggles with its own diversity and inclusion issues. Jackson is now a presenter for Red Bull TV, and Holden is also involved with Red Bull and kicked off the Formation event in Utah last year, a one-of-a-kind freeride event for female MTB athletes.

“Investing in areas that create sustainable paths for cycling as a lifelong passion, Grow Cycling Foundation leverages four overlapping pillars: Education, Opportunity, Community, and Access, to create solutions that provide entry points at various steps of a cyclist’s journey.”

Grow Cycling says that they have a five-year plan in place which should inspire career paths and create better access to riding in communities. One of their first initiatives is building a Velosolutions pumptrack in Los Angeles, California. Not only will it serve a community, but they say it could host the Pumptrack World Championships in 2022.

Check out more information on Grow Cycling via their website.