Support a Local Trail Project Through IMBA’s Dig In Campaign

IMBA is raising funds for 68 bike trail projects around the USA. Choose to split your donation evenly among all projects OR dedicate your funds to a single project.

The International Mountain Bike Association (MBA) recently announced 68 trail projects for the Dig In fundraising campaign. IMBA is soliciting corporate and individual partners to donate to the campaign, with plans to distribute those funds equally to each of the 68 projects located around the USA.

In addition, IMBA is asking individuals to donate to their local project, where 100% 80% of those funds will go directly to the project of the donor’s choice. (The remaining 20% will go to cover processing and administrative fees.) My local chapter, SORBA Atlanta, has a project on the list for new trail construction at Southside Park, located in the city of Atlanta.


The Dig In campaign runs through December 31, 2017 and all donations are tax deductible. Judging by the current list, many projects have yet to receive any funds, so if there isn’t a project in your area, just choose one that looks interesting and needs funding. Then, set a goal to go ride that trail in 2018!