BC Bike Race Plans a Stage Race for E-Bikers Called Mega Volt

The folks behind the renowned 7-day stage race, the BC Bike Race, are launching an all-new event for e-bikers, and the format sounds quite unique.

In collaboration with the Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society, the Mega Volt will be a three day stage race with four stages in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. The Cowichan Valley is located near Nanaimo and is Canada’s only maritime Mediterranean climactic zone, with the warmest temperatures year-round in the country. The Mega Volt will happen Friday through Sunday on October 22-24 of this year.

“I gotta say I was super excited to see that BCBR is adding an e-bike event to it’s offering,” said long-time Rocky Mountain Bicycles athlete Wade Simmons in a press release. “I have been lucky to have participated in two previous BCBR’s, and am now stoked to try my hand at this event. Ever since Rocky’s first Powerplay model, I realized the potential and inclusiveness of these bikes! Long live mountain biking and the BCBR!”

To take advantage of the e-bike’s capabilities the Mega Volt will start with a moto-inspired stage, the Consistency Enduro. The stage will encourage consistency on a multi-lap stage.

Stage 2 will be a test of the rider’s technical abilities over roots, rock slabs, and chutes. Riders will be on the clock while their climbing these obstacles too.

Stage 3 will happen in the afternoon on the same day as stage 2. This stage will be all about flow.

Stage 4 is a poker challenge to add a cherry on top. Instead of racing, there’s a poker challenge.

The Mega Volt has 75 spots for its first year. See more information at the website. Registration is now open.