Feature-Length Movie: Colorado Trail Race – A Self-Powered Adventure

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Every July, a small group of bikepackers lines up for the backcountry race of a lifetime. This is a film about the Colorado Trail and the people who choose to race it non-stop and self-supported on mountain bikes. The Colorado Trail Race is a 530-mile ultra-endurance bikepacking race along the Colorado Trail, which stretches from …

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Full-Length Movie: “Hunting For Monsters” – Bikepacking 250 Miles Through the Alaskan Wilderness

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“Lake Iliamna, Alaska’s largest lake, is home to many native communities, the worlds’ largest sockeye salmon run, potential site of the controversial Pebble Mine, and the elusive Lake Monster – Illie. On a hot mid-July morning, Bjørn and Brent were deposited to the far shore of Cook Inlet in a landing craft cargo ship and …

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How to Prepare for a Bikepacking Race


Many riders will never find themselves inching up to the starting line for a race. Fewer still will decide that the 45-minute race on local trails is inadequate and sign up for a 100+ mile event to try and scratch their racing itch. For a select few masochists, even a century ride on dirt won’t be …

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15 Valuable Lessons I Learned on My First Bikepacking Trip


I couldn’t help but be enamored of the concept of bikepacking: heading out into the backcountry, riding my bike for days on end, carrying everything that I need to survive, with nowhere else I have to be and nothing else I have to do besides eat, drink, and ride my bike. And apparently, thousands of mountain bikers around the nation, if …

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30 of the Freshest Bikepacking Bags to Hit the Market


While bikepacking participation continues to climb, the growth in the production of bikepacking products–specifically bags–is accelerating at an exponential pace. While these bags are useful for long bikepacking trips, many riders–myself included–have found that these bags have great applications for day rides as well. Here are 30 of the newest bags to hit the market: Oveja Negra …

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Drop it While It’s Hot: The Drop Bar Mountain Bikes of Interbike 2016

photo: Bombtrack.com

In conjunction with the bikepacking craze of 2016, several bike companies are offering drop bar mountain bikes. Not to be confused with gravel grinders or “all-road” bikes, these are bikes that are capable of running full width mountain bike tires, and in some cases, even plus tires. Here are some of the newer drop bar MTBs we …

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