Inside Eddie O’Dea’s Historic 9,500km Eastern Divide Bikepacking Trip

Last year Eddie O'Dea became the first person to bike the entire 5,900+ mile Eastern Divide Route from Newfoundland, Canada to Key West, Florida. Here's what he found along the way.

Eddie O’Dea is an ultra endurance athlete and member of the board at the Georgia Cycling Association. Last summer he became the first person to complete the 5,900-mile Eastern Divide bikepacking route over the course of 78 days and 10 hours.

  • Why did you decide to attempt ride the full Eastern Divide Route?
  • Tell us about the start of the ride. It seems like you ran into some snags even before you go rolling.
  • Which sections were your favorites? Did you get to hang out in any interesting towns along the way?
  • Are there any changes you would make to the Eastern Divide Route?
  • As a member of the Georgia Cycling Association board, what do the high school athletes think about your achievement?
  • How did your bike and equipment hold up?
  • Was there any point where you wanted to give up? How did you keep going? 
  • How long before you think someone else completes the route in one go? Will there ever be enough demand for a Grand Depart?
  • How did it feel to finish the ride? Would you do it again?
  • How does the Eastern Divide compare to the Great Divide?
  • What was the final mileage that you covered?
  • Does completing a big ride change you as a person?

Connect with Eddie at and @eddieodea.

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