Pretty sure the title says it all. Makes this antelope look like a mouse.

Youtube link.

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  • John Fisch

    Snakes in the desert, lions in the mountains, antelope in Africa, moose in Alaska and hikers in Marin! Where is it safe to ride, Iowa?

  • C-Lo

    I hope you guys packed an extra pair of under ware. Wow. Glad no one was hurt.

  • thub

    I live in Anchorage and ride Kincaid trails. The trails are amazing but be prepared for moose encounters especially in May and June which us calving time. It’s not uncommon to have to change your planned ride due to moose. It is a potentially deadly situation to get caught between mama moose and her calves. Their hooves are razor sharp and their speed and power is scary. Glad these guys didn’t get hurt.

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