When it comes to mountain biking in France, it’s really hard to beat the riding in the area around Morzine and Les Gets in the French Alps. With Crankworx invading Les Gets starting back in 2016, this is a French mountain bike destination that is not to be missed. This zone is crisscrossed with hundreds of kilometers of bike trails, which means there isn’t just one must-ride trail to visit.

Grand Tour Portes du Soleil

Instead, Singletracks trail reviewer Jim Cummings recommends the Grand Tour Portes du Soleil, which traverses multiple ski areas and trails along its roughly 80km length. Riders will get to experience trails within multiple bike parks along the way, all while taking in the incredible alpine scenery. Why choose between riding park and trail? This ride combines both for one of the best rides in France!


We reached out to the staff at Enduro Magazine, based in Germany, to find out which trails were the best in the country. In the end, the staff was unable to come to a definitive consensus–apparently there are just too many great trails to ride! Moritz Dittmar from Enduro Magazine did mention Germany’s first trail center, Radenburg, where mountain bikers can rent bikes and explore several purpose-built singletrack loops.

Rodalben F Trail

photos (clockwise from top left): sonnypalmer, sonnypalmer, clayton_seiler, and sm0keyj0e

Based on Singletracks readers’ ratings and reviews, the Rodalben F Trail is one of the highest rated mountain bike trails in Germany. The small town of Rodalben is actually surrounded by a number of scenic mountain bike trails, and the Rodalben F trail–about 40km long–is among the most popular. Singletracks reader C-Lo rode the entire route in 2015 and had this to say:

I can finally say this trail is the greatest I have ridden. It is well-marked and has a great diversity of everything. It took me about 6 hours of riding to make it happen. I will definitely do this one again before I leave Germany. There is only about 2 miles of doubletrack on this entire route. Great!!!

The trail itself is mostly forested singletrack, with incredible rock outcroppings and features dotting the route.


Cielo Grande

Guatemala is known for its Mayan cultural roots and lush, tropical rain forests. For tourists visiting the country, perhaps the best-known mountain biking trail is a route known as Cielo Grande, or “Big Sky.” Mike Brcic from Sacred Rides says, “this all-day ride traverses most of the valleys and volcanoes of the Antigua area. For expert riders, the trail traces ancient footpaths through old-growth cloud forest, and passes through several Mayan villages.” It’s no surprise that Sacred Rides bills this as “one of the top rides in Central America.” Mountain bikers can experience this trail as a part of Sacred Rides’ La Ruta de Maya trip or as a day trip through a local outfitter like this one.


If you’re planning to go mountain biking in Nepal, bring your lungs! Eight of the ten highest mountains on the planet are located within this fascinating country.

Lubra Trail

photo: Fabian Gleitsmann

Mandil Pradhan, Sacred Rides’ lead guide in Nepal, says the Lubra Trail is his favorite and is perhaps the most iconic in all of Nepal.

Directly under the shadows of Dhaulagiri (26,800 feet), thought to be the highest mountain in the world until the discovery of Everest in 1852, this ride is a combination of iconic Himalayan vista coupled with a flowy natural trail that are mostly used by locals as their daily commute. The ride starts at 14,000 feet and descends all the way down to the Kali Gandaki river bed at just under 9,000 feet.

The Lubra trail is located in the Mustang District and is part of Sacred Rides’ Treasures of the Himalaya trip.

Next up: New Zealand.

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  • el Iron

    On Mexico, near Mexico City is the trail… Nevado-Valle an epic trail. From a Volcano Nevado de Toluca to the nice little town of Valle de Bravo, a great place to practise MTB and expend a few days

  • ridemtb2004

    Stromberg flowtrail in germany is an absolute must ride. Between the wild hog and the no jokes trails there is something to challenge everybody

  • saranat

    Inforgivenl! You forgot Portugal. It may be a small country, but with lots of tracks for mountain bike, for all kind of users.
    There are beautiful tracks in Arrabida and Sintra, next to Lisbon, and several other mountains were you can still ride freely.
    There are also some bike centers that are responsible for over 42 tracks with 1472 kms of well maintained tracks.

  • s.dolcerocca

    I know that France is already in the article, but you’ve forgotten the Cradle of Enduro: The Maritime Alps, with Epic trails such as Red Earth , Chamoussillon, Col des Champs…. and many many more!

    Have a nice Ride

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