While NICA has been focused primarily on high school mountain biking up to this point, with Georgia recently added as the newest league, the So Cal league is now going to test out a middle school pilot program. This comes hot on the heels of Minnesota’s test middle school program this past fall.

“After many years of having to turn away middle school riders in grades 6 through 8 we have decided to build programs which allow middle schoolers an introduction to mountain biking with a heavy emphasis on fun, skills, fitness, and etiquette while still giving a nod to the competitive angle they will see more of in high school,” said So Cal League Director Matt Gunnell, according to BicycleRetailer.com

For more information, check out this news article.

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  • tridiesel

    In Ohio, we just got MTB’ing into the High School level, I love to see this sport is rising

    • SilverHeiHei

      I have been researching and planning an introductory NICA Indie team here in SW Ohio. I am not aware of any schools in Ohio that offer MTB’ing as an extracurricular. Can you give me some additional details so I can look into their program and perhaps partner with them to bring this to the state level?

  • champion111675

    I would love to see mtb in the schools here in southern Texas. How do we approach that?

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