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It appears another mountain biker has been injured in a suspected trail trap. On June 4, Cycle Solutions, a bike shop in Toronto posted a picture of one of the shop’s riders with several cuts on his arm.

In the caption, Cycle Solutions says the rider ran into a barbed wire and razor blades on a descent down the Loblaws trail heading to the Pottery trail in the Don Valley trails near Toronto.

“Def some angry trail users that don’t like cyclists,” said Cycle Solutions in the Instagram post.

Singletracks reached out to Cycle Solutions for comment on the story and to connect with the rider, but our calls were not returned before publishing. We will update this post if we receive more information.

A report of “trail terrorism,” like this is common to hear about once or twice a year. Last year, Singletracks wrote about another Canadian rider who rode into a suspected trap made of barbed wire, but his claims turned out to be fraudulent. 

On the surface, the rider from Toronto and his injury seem authentic, although Singletracks can’t confirm anything at this time. We will update readers if we receive any new information.

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  • Mr Mojo Risin

    For years this was happening at the Frederick Watershed in Maryland where i used to ride, pretty sure there were articles on here mentioning it. I’m blown away by how much this actually happens. It takes a mental illness to think blindly hurting any trail user (biker, hiker, equestrian, kids) is the solution to get people off the trails. The other baffling thing is 99% of trail users I’ve ever encountered are curtious, nature oriented people. Not sure why anyone, regardless of trail dicipline, thinks blind violence is the answer. Again, mental illness

  • Gottatrysomething

    Definitely someone is hating on mtbers. These people aren’t realizing that these traps can seriously hurt or they think that’s funny. I guarantee that if th

  • Gottatrysomething

    Accidentally sent the previous message before finishing but as I said before I guarantee that if it happened to their family they would have been up in arms about it. They are cowards

  • bikematt

    I am sure that more is not reported that reported, I had been a regular nightrider in Baltimore at the Loch Raven Reservoir until having laser pointers aimed at us, and nearby residents yelling that there are night hunters.
    Kids set up logs and jumps in a small nature trail behind my house, that lasted about 5 weeks till they were destroyed, I rebuilt them for them to have the logs all completely removed the second time.
    I think many unfit sad people do not like other people to have fun, they are sick.
    I think the trails are safer than the roads, the traps are very dangerous but each car can kill.

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