I love the Kuat NV rack because it is spec’ed with several useful features. It comes in both 1.25″ and 2″ hitch versions (but only 2″ accommodates the extension), can handle everything from road bikes to big hitter DH bikes, and can fit up to a 3″ tire!  The rack is a tad heavy at 49lbs, but that translates to an extremely sturdy setup. It is big so bikes fit on it well and are not crammed together. Bikes are secured via a ratchet arm on the front wheel and a ratcheting strap on the back wheel, which hold the bike in place nicely. The wheels sit in a tray to keep the bike’s frame free from any contact with the rack itself. It comes with a hitch locking pin, has an integrated locking system to keep your bikes safe, and even has a built-in repair stand for trail side maintenance!

I had a small issue with some of the silver corroding on the rack but Kuat’s excellent customer service sent all-new parts to fix the issue. They addressed the issue quickly and the rack is back in top-notch shape.

Check out the video above for a more detailed look at the Kuat NV rack.

MSRP: $549 for the NV 2 spot + $389 for the 2 spot extension.

Kuat Video Still

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  • kmac720

    I’m NV of that rack… Seriously though when My Saris Freedom Superclamp finally bites the dust I think a Kuat may be my next rack.

    • Colton Lock

      I think you will be very happy with the Kuat! I had a Saris before my Kuat and i didn’t like that the rack touched the frame. It got so bad that it ate into the carbon on one of my bikes a little. I bought the Kuat the next day and have been super pleased!!

    • BriW

      The Saris Freedom racks touch the frame. The Freedom Superclamps don’t touch any part of the frame or fork. I like the idea of a built in bike stand, but wouldn’t want to give up the no touch. Great video Colton, one thing you didn’t address is loaded tilt away. My Superclamp can be tilted away while still loaded with bikes so I can open the tailgate. I like that feature so much it would have to be on the pro/con list if I found myself shopping for a new rack.

  • Greg Heil

    Feeling some bike rack envy 🙂 Seriously tho, I need a rack like the NV

  • CFM

    The Kuat NV is the best rack we’ve ever owned! And Kuat’s customer service is as good as you stated.

  • waileepai

    Love my NV + extension. I’ve had it about 1.5 years now. I have the exact same issues as you – rubber wear at the point where the rack touches the bike fork, flaking of the chrome. Sometimes in cold weather the ratchet arm wont extend without a dousing of cold weather.

    But all-in-all an excellent, sturdy rack that has held up very well, despite being backed into a few trail signs and trees!

    Kuat customer service is INCREDIBLE. Call them and talk to them about your issues and they will do you right!

  • Bill Hagen Sr.

    With the ratchet arm rubber hook 1/2 inch away from the fork and snug, it is secure. The ratchet arm would need to go over the larger radius of the wheel to come free of the wheel. The ratchet mechanism would have to release for the arm to move forward over the larger radius of the wheel. The rear strap needs to snug to eliminate forward or backward movement of the bike. I use this method for my bike as the fork is a ridged carbon fiber fork. This way of securing the wheel keeps the rubber hook from touching the fork. When mounting the wheel i try to locate rubber hook between knobs on the tire, which tends to lock the tire to the rubber hook. This has work well for me, with no rub marks on the fork.

  • triton189

    Obviously a premium rack and worth it. Issues I have spending that much on a bike rack is now I am concerned about someone stealing my rack as well as my bike. Not for me, my 130 dollar swagman xc has been beat to hell for 3 years including winter fat biking and it is still working just fine, and I don’t worry about leaving it on and someone stealing it. Kuat cable locks are like all bike locks, a joke. Any bike thief with a cordless grinder will remove it in 2 seconds. I do like the bike stand feature though!

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