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I’m not sure if this should be filed under “sounds too good to be true” or “why didn’t I think of that?”, but either way GÜP KWIKI appears to be an interesting product. This all-in-one, emergency bike tire inflation canister combines sealant and an inflator in one. Not only that, the nozzle hooks right into a schraeder or presta valve so there’s no need to remove the valve core to add sealant.

Tubeless mountain bike tires tend to be less flat-prone than regular tubed ones, but riders still need to be prepared to deal with a flat tire. GÜP KWIKI potentially eliminates the need to carry around a spare tube and a pump or CO2 inflator by combining sealant and inflation in one shot. In addition to sealing up to 4mm punctures, the company even claims GÜP KWIKI  can seal “certain sidewall tears.”

GÜP says the sealant in the KWIKI is an “eco-friendly foaming latex sealant.” The product is even designed to work with tubed tires, which is welcome news for anyone who has had to replace a tube on the trail recently.

A single shot of GÜP KWIKI retails for $14.99 and weighs 122g. Since the bottle is a bit larger than a standard 2oz. sealant bottle or a CO2 inflator, the company also sells the GÜP Hölster for attaching the bottle to the bike frame.

What do you think: Would you give the GÜP KWIKI a shot?

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  • WhipSnap

    Isn’t that why I have sealant in my tubeless tires? Seems like a solution for a problem that really doesn’t exist in the tubeless world. Unless of course you’ve allowed your existing sealant to dry out.

    • Jeff Barber

      “Unless of course you’ve allowed your existing sealant to dry out.”

      BINGO. Happens to a lot of people. Also, tubeless tires can and do get flats that aren’t sealed completely by the sealant in the tire for whatever reason.

    • superfly66

      I’d think it would be a great on-trail fix if you burped a tire…although that seems to be less common every year as tires with wider IW become more the standard. If it truly works as fix-a-flat for tubeless then I’d carry one.

    • Jeff Barber

      But if you just burp a tire, the sealant is generally still inside, in which case you would only need inflation, not more sealant.

  • jaredmente

    I liked the three step process for repairing a flat in the video, that step 1 was to get a flat. Makes me feel like I’ve at least accomplished a step in the process when I flat out next time! I’d be interested to give it a try. I can certainly attest to tubeless tires flatting and not sealing sometimes.

  • ssphillips

    But more importantly where can I get that Terra Gear equipment bag that he had in his car? That thing looks awesome!

    • superfly66

      Check out Backcountry Research. They make the industry standard in straps for your MTB.

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