Pivot’s big mountain bike story for 2014 is the new Mach 6 Carbon.

The Mach 6 is designed to be a killer enduro machine, complete with 27.5in wheels and 155mm of travel. In development for two years, the new rear suspension linkage features a stiff, direct connection (aka, no rear bushings) to boost rear end stiffness.

Note: no flexy bushings near the end of the shock.

Integrated chainstay protectors.

The Mach 6 Carbon is available in a variety of builds and price points, ranging from $4,699 to $7,599.

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  • syd

    Well…I would still argue there is a flexy bushing….Just it is oriented horizontally with the ground..The key I guess the the shape of the upper link…A deep “I” beam, that should keep the left and right side of that link from twisting.

    But that is me just looking at it. I haven’t ridden one so couldn’t say. The way the suspension is arranged though has very short links. The strut that extends to the shock looks like it is decoupled from torque forces.

  • delphinide

    THIS will be one of the bikes that convert the masses from 26ers I think. Very well thought out, muck like the Bronson C, and will be choice for trail riders…assuming it isn’t too much of a best on the climbs.

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