New from Maxxis: Shorty DH Tire and the Ardent Race

Maxxis has a few new tires this year including the Shorty DH tire and the Ardent Race. I got the scoop on both from Aaron at Interbike and here’s what I learned.

The Shorty DH tire is designed to chew up loose trail conditions and roost them out the other side. Offered in a 2.40, 26″ configuration only, the Shorty is aimed squarely at the longest travel mountain bikes on the market. The tire features a dual ply casing with a butyl insert and each one weighs 1.2Kg.

The Ardent Race is, in a way, a mashup of Maxxis’ popular Ardent and Ikon tires. The tread pattern is meant to run fast and light yet still hook up in most conditions. I’ve been running the Ardent on my 29er for a couple years and I love the beefiness of the tire, though if I had one complaint it’s that the tire is a bit sluggish. The Ardent Race promises to remedy that!

The Ardent Race will be available in a number of configurations and will be well suited to 29ers. The model we saw was a 2.20, 120tpi tire which should offer supple sidewalls for excellent cornering grip.

Maxxis is also extending 650b sizing to their most popular tread patterns this year–everything from fast XC rollers to beefier, all-mountain worthy tires. The company hasn’t jumped into the fat bike tire market yet but who knows… I’m sure some mountain bikers would love to see an Ardent 4.0 one day.

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