Does a person become a mountain biker when they buy their first mountain bike, or is it more of an attitude and a lifestyle? Does it even matter?

It’s safe to say, once you ride a bicycle on singletrack you’re one of us. It’s that easy.

We want to know when (and how) you first joined the tribe. Let us know in the poll and comment section below.

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  • limbojim

    Including the past 4 years e-mountain biking, it’s 20+ for me. If you count riding through the woods as a kid on my Stingray in the 1960-70s , it’s 50+!

    • Schmidt911

      Ebiking is not mountain biking. Hence the phrase “ebike”. Plus a mountain bike is something pedalled, not powered by a motor.

  • cbotto79

    I started 9 years ago, at age 48, to impress the guy I was dating. We broke up, but I still love mountain biking!

  • Alvin Mullen

    My cheeter slick 5 speed stingray got stolen the summer before 8th grade, 1970. My step grandfather gave me his old Schwinn Typhoon. I stripped it down, changed the bars, put on wide knobby tires and started riding gravel and trails in Michigan. So I basically had a single speed Klunker and I had no idea what was going on in Cali at the same time. 12 years later after high school and years in the Navy, I bought a mountain bike. I still had no idea they were something relatively new.

  • Denacho

    1st date with my now hubs was mtb at a local trail. I had never ridden before and I now know that trail to be Interm+. It almost killed me. But we kept dating, married and I now own that trial. We are currently on a camping+mtb trip, one of many we take each year. I wld not trade that 1st date for anything

  • Mountainfun

    Got my first mountain bike in 1985 and rode it on single track with vertical climbing. A Cannondale with a 24″ rear wheel.
    Still riding today on a 29er.

  • Malarky

    I’m one of those kinda doing it before mountain biking became a thing. As a teen & young adult, in the 70s, loved riding whatever I had, on fire roads, service roads, foot paths thru woods & horse trails. As those things disappeared in my area, became more of a roadie. When the first mtb trails opened locally, I got a mountain bike.

  • Taz Pengra

    In the 1970’s as kids we rode our Schwinn cruisers on cow paths in the forest near Bend Oregon. There was a lot of “upgrading” to the widest tires we could get, and cutting down handlebars to fit between trees. BMX bikes were popular with some for this trail riding, but weren’t very good for long distances, so the beach cruiser became the bike to have for riding on trails. Then someone read a magazine article about some guys in California that were doing the same thing, and even making bikes just for riding on trails. Pre Internet, so news traveled slow. Interesting that it was happening in different places at the same time independently.

  • mongwolf

    Absolutely love hearing the stories of all you old timers. I’m a relatively newcomer to the mtb scene and have been riding for about 7 years. Five years in real earnest. I did have the exotic privilege to start mountain riding in the country of Mongolia. Nearly every ride was an adventure ride, riding trails that had never seen nobbies before. With only one trail in the country with an official name, it was exploration at its finest. Virgin trails with many long, blazing fast downhills. Wonderful days in my life.

  • m.krupp

    I too appreciate hearing from the elders of this community. While I am not young I am new to the sport. Hard to say officially how long because I dabbled around the edges of MTBing for 10+ years. About 5 years ago I started learning more and digging deeper and learning the details of bikes and types of trails and riding and…it just goes on. I appreciate all those before me making this a legit sport that I love and I am getting my kids into. Good to be apart of this community that pushes each other to be better.

  • Superfly Lee

    I started riding trails in the late 70s as a grade schooler in Washington state outside of seattle. Rodes bikes everywhere, to school, to soccer practice, everywhere. There were handcut trails connecting all of the various neighborhoods for miles. A lot of kids in that area were into bikes, but we were all on bmx bikes with big knobs. Bought my first mountain bike in the late 80s, Rode bikes and motorcycles all through high school and college and just never stopped, although I don’t ride my dirt bike that often anymore. I’ve also done a ton of urban riding over the years, mostly on mountain bikes. Sometimes riding bikes is like a time machine for me. I’ll be riding somewhere and something will trigger a memory of riding a trail somewhere when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s. Cool topic!

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