Finally, a Pair of Reliable Shoes: The Northwave Outcross Plus Mountain Bike Shoes

I’ve had a front-row seat to an interesting product trend over the past couple of years: mountain bike shoes that are marketed for “enduro” mountain biking that simply don’t endure. Rather, I’ve used no less than 6 pairs of shoes from 4 different brands that either failed on me completely or wore out rapidly during testing. This is …

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Watch: FSA SL-K Carbon Wheel Review

Full Speed Ahead, better known as FSA, has been extremely successful making carbon components such as cranks, bars, stems, and carbon road wheels, and they have used their knowledge to produce a line of mountain bike wheels.  This line up consists of their XC Race wheel, the K-Force; the XC model, the SL-K; and the trail-oriented …

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Review: Leatt DBX 4.0 Mountain Bike Shorts Offer Mad Protection

Leatt is known for offering mountain bikers high performance protection from head to toe. So it might seem strange that the company is producing a pair of shorts; after all, shorts are just clothing, right? Not when the team at Leatt gets involved. Leatt’s bike shorts line offers three levels of quality, and the DBX 4.0 shorts I’ve …

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Podcast: Tips for Optimizing Your Mountain Bike Cockpit

In this episode, Aaron and I discuss mountain bike cockpit setup, starting from the top! We’ll touch on handlebars, stems, grips, controls (shifters, brake levers, remotes, and accessories), saddles, seatposts, and finally pedals. Strap in and join us for the ride!

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Pivot Releases New Mach 5.5 Carbon

Pivot has just released their new Mach 5.5 Carbon, which features 140mm of rear wheel suspension, 160mm up front, and is designed around 27.5″ wheels with tires measuring 2.6″ wide. We’ve been hearing from several brands that 2.6″ could very well be where tire sizes settle down into a happy medium, and it appears that …

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Kali Announces New Shiva 2.0 Full Face Helmet

Kali has just announced the redesign of their Shiva full face helmet, dubbed Shiva 2.0. It’s available in two models: the standard, and the Shiva 2.0 Carbon. According to Kali, “the Shiva 2.0 incorporates Kali’s industry leading impact technologies: LDL and Nano Fusion, into a hand lay-up, 1050g* DOT certified helmet.” The 1050g weight is …

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Review: Take Your Bikepacking Kit to the Next Level with the Sea to Summit UltraLight Mat

If you haven’t heard of Sea to Summit before, don’t worry–you’re not alone. Sea to Summit isn’t deeply ingrained in the world of mountain biking. Rather, this niche Australian company, which has its North American Headquarters in Boulder, CO, is renowned for their ultralight backpacking and camping gear. In fact, they’re so zealous about producing top-of-the-line …

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Review: Ultralight Meets Ultra-Durable in the Sea to Summit Spark SP II Sleeping Bag

Sea to Summit offers a full line of ultra-lightweight backpacking gear that works well for a bikepacking. The Spark SP II Sleeping Bag pairs nicely with the UltraLight Mat. Specs The Spark SP II (subsequently referred to as the “Spark”) is an ultra-lightweight sleeping bag designed for traveling fast and still surviving cool temps at night. The Spark compresses …

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Terrene Releases New Plus Tire: The “McFly”

Terrene is adding another tire to their lineup: the “McFly.” This new plus tire will fill the 2.8″ hole in their line in both the 27.5″ and 29″ diameters. It’s specifically designed to be a faster rolling, less-aggressive tire than the burlier “Chunk” model. “Combine great acceleration and breaking with stout predictable side knobs and …

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Watch: Punishing the New Rocky Mountain Altitude

Rocky Mountain has just released a new version of their Altitude trail bike. Rocky is using the term “trail bike” pretty liberally, with the latest Altitude sporting 150mm of rear travel and 160mm up front. Of course, compare that to what they label “enduro”: their Slayer Enduro bike with 160mm rear and 170mm front. If …

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