Terrene Chunk Plus Tire Review


Given their high turnover rate, ability to boost your bike’s performance at a relatively low cost, and ever-widening wheels, if there’s one thing I won’t hate on, it’s more tire options! And the list doesn’t just end there, as varying tread patterns, casings, compounds, and other tire characteristics would continue to keep us interested, if …

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Review: The Camelbak Palos Is a Fanny Pack Specifically Designed for Mountain Biking


Camelbak claims the new Palos reservoir-based waist pack is the first designed specifically for mountain biking. This comes as a surprise to me, especially since I’ve been wearing waist packs, or as I like to call them, fanny packs, for a few years now. But come to think of it, none of the reservoir-based packs …

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The Magicshine MJ-908 Mountain Bike Light Makes Big Claims. Does it Deliver?


The Magicshine MJ-908 mountain bike light kit is designed for serious night riding, and the company makes some pretty big claims for this reasonably priced light set. But does it deliver? I decided to find out. Claim: 8,000 lumen output Lumen count is the number that consumers tend to focus on when selecting a bike light, and …

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TRP Slate T4 Brakes – Can They Compete with Shimano and SRAM?


Many of you are likely un familiar with the TRP brand. Essentially, TRP is the premium marque of parent company Tektro–whom you’ve no doubt heard of. When building up my (all)road bike last year, I chose a set of TRP’s Spyre mechanical disc brakes after they came highly-recommended by my buddy Chris Tavel at Loose Nuts Cycles in …

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Feedback Team Edition: Tool Kit Review

There is no easier way to remove a cassette than with these two tools. You will be amazed how fast and easy they come off for cleaning or to replace them.

Feedback Sports has spent the past few years crafting a reputation in the cycling world for manufacturing innovative bike stands and accessories, for both road and mountain bikers. Nestled in the foothills of Golden, Colorado, Feedback is in the same office park as companies like Yeti and Spot Brand bicycles, and works closely with both professional and amateur enthusiasts locally …

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All Mountain? I Don’t Think So! The New Michelin Force AM Tire, Reviewed

Cam Zink rode with us in California, and he had a Wild/Force tire combination mounted on his own YT Jeffsy. Michelin developed these tires in close partnership with riders like Cam. During testing, the engineers emphasized trying to think like a general consumer as well as a pro. But even at his mellowest, Cam Zink is 10x the rider I'll ever be. Photo: Will Matthews.

Michelin is an absolutely massive tire company. On a global scale, Michelin nets €21 billion per year in revenue, and last year this French behemoth spent €700 million on R&D alone. While Michelin has had a line of mountain bike tires in the past, in 2017 they’re signaling their re-entry into the mountain bike market by bringing four …

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Terrene Wazia Fat Bike Tire Review


Terrene. Unless you are a hardcore bike tire enthusiast, you may not be aware of this upcoming brand that has been keenly carving a niche in the world of rubber. With a focused line that is shared only by brethren models Elwood (gravel) and Chunk (dirt), the Wazia is Terrene’s concerted effort to manufacture a durable and competitive …

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Troy Lee Designs 2017 Helmets and Clothing


Troy Lee Designs (TLD) has launched their 2017 bike collection, which includes a revamped trail helmet, new paint jobs for the D3 full face, updated shorts and jerseys, and an all-new Ruckus line for women. A2 Trail Helmet TLD’s original trail helmet, the A1, has been popular among riders the world over since its launch a …

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