How Do You Pack for an Epic 340-mile Bikepacking Route?


This year was my first attempt of the Huracan 300, a 340-mile bikepacking route through central Florida. The route covers swoopy singletrack, limestone roads, sandy doubletrack, and a healthy dose of pavement. While I’ve been bikepacking a handful of times, I had never attempted anything quite like this. In the lead up to the event, I …

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Watch: Stolen Goat Orkaan Everyday Long Sleeve Jersey Review


If you’re looking for a toasty three-season jacket, Stolen Goat has you coved with their new Orkaan Long Sleeve Everyday Jersey.  The interior of the Orkaan jacket is a very soft, comfortable, Roubaix fleece and the exterior is both waterproof and wind resistant, with the weatherproofing build directly into the fabric. This means that you never …

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Introducing the First-Ever Full Suspension 29+ Mountain Bike: The Salsa Deadwood Sus

All photos courtesy of Salsa Cycles

Salsa has just launched the first-ever full suspension 29+ mountain bike: the Deadwood Sus. We have postulated before that creating a mountain bike with both rear suspension and 29+ wheels would be extremely difficult, but Salsa has decided to break barriers yet again! (Recall their innovation with fat bikes, including the first production full suspension fat bike.) …

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Hybrid Mountain Bikes Offer the Worst of Both Worlds


Editor’s Note: While Jeff has been mountain biking since the early 1990s, he still has a lot to learn about mountain bikes. Any opinions expressed in this article are Jeff’s personal opinions, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Occasionally when an acquaintance finds out I run a mountain biking website, their eyes get big and they tell …

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Constantly Lube Your Chain While You Ride with Flaer’s Revo Terra System – A Review

Photo: Greg Heil

Riding in wet and muddy environments can quickly decimate your chain lube, clogging up your drivetrain with mud and dirt, creating chain suck, causing slow or missed shifts, and creating a whole host of issues. Flaér is a new Scottish company that has engineered a product to eliminate this issue: their Revo Terra chain performance system. Simply …

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35 Plus Bike Tires: A Comprehensive Guide for Mountain Bikers


Compared to fat bike tires, plus-size tires, also known as mid-fat tires, are relatively new to mountain biking. But with more and more bike companies offering mountain bikes capable of running plus tires, plus bikes are threatening to go mainstream as riders experience the benefits of wider, burlier mountain bike tires. Unlike fat bike tires, …

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Watch: Swagman Patrol Bike Rack Review


The Swagman Patrol bike rack is an excellent option for any truck driving cyclist. This versatile rack adjusts to fit almost any truck bed, from small pickups like the Ford Ranger to full size pickups like the Ford F-350. The Patrol is quick and easy to install (under 2 minutes!) and it requires little to no …

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New Mountain Bikes Lose About 45% of Their Value After Year One


Everyone understands that new cars lose their value quickly, but I was curious to know whether mountain bikes depreciate in the same way. So, I researched sales prices from completed eBay auctions for nearly 100 popular mountain bikes, and also noted bike values on to double-check my work. Here’s what I found. Mountain Bike Values Tank in Year …

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