From Excitement to Exhaustion: Around the Clock at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

This is the 24-Hours in the Old Pueblo (24HOP).

Some riders come to party. Others probably bit off more than they could chew, the 24HOP being their first endurance event. But many train hard and go for a podium spot. And for those riders, the appearance of Lance Armstrong and his former Postal posse boosts the motivation to win.

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Unleash Your Inner Beast: Why You Need to Do an Endurance Race this Year

You know that voice? The one deep down inside that likes to keep you in your place, the one that second guesses all the time, tells you to be afraid, and says it’s just easier to give up? Yeah, that voice. This is the year you teach that voice to put a sock in it. …

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Trail TV Hits the Heartland: Kansas City

Almost smack dab in the middle of the country, a dedicated group of mountain bikers have been keeping a dirty little secret… that Kansas City is for real when it comes to mountain biking. For more than two decades, they’ve been digging in the rich clay and through the limestone here to build what has …

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Watch: Trail TV Heads to Rapid City, SD, to Ride the Black Hills

Rapid City is home base for an incredible range of mountain bike trails that crisscross the Black Hills–singetrack that includes everything from fast and flowy to tasty technical trails littered with rocks, tree roots, and views that stretch on forever. All at 7,000 feet elevation and lower… Watch now as Trail TV provides a little …

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Trail TV: Northwest Arkansas – Mountain Biking’s Newest Hot Spot

If you’re ready to get dirty Arkansas style, check out the inaugural episode of Trail TV and see what the locals have done to make Bentonville in Northwest Arkansas a mountain bike heaven. Hundreds of miles of rocky, chunky, technical – and flowy – singletrack. All punctuated with off the bike goodies like tasty, world-class …

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