Trail TV: Living A Dirt Lover’s Dream in Tucson

Take on Tucson and you’ll be immersing yourself in some heavy duty bike culture and a tangle of sweet singletrack that stretches for hundreds of miles into the beautiful and unimaginable Sonoran Desert. If you were to make a list of places you want to call home in your next life, this one better be in consideration for the top 10.

It’s all here: flat, easy-to-navigate beginner trail (cactus is not beginner friendly, by the way). Chunky, challenging intermediate sections of cross country and tougher enduro terrain and, of course, plenty of hardcore alpine rides and brake-burning steeps to test your mettle. You’ll also find the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, a riotous good time and the oldest and largest 24-hour race around. All backed by a tough-as-nails group of riders capable of taking you all the way to the woodshed. And back.

Ready for a taste of the sweet desert life? Get your desert on in this episode of Trail TV.

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