Watch: Riding Canyon Creek – “Ouch this Hurts, so Why Am I Smiling?”

During the year I traveled the country with my wife, Diane, our two black dogs, and a cranky cat named P-Kitty, we played a little game. It was called, “Would You Live Here?”

Places that would get the nod needed three things: damn fine singletrack, a cool town, and enough good beer to keep us sodden with hoppy goodness.

Salida, then, doesn’t just get a nod. It gets a frenetic whirling of arms and a few unsightly (but enthusiastic) pirouettes. And trails like Canyon Creek are the reason why. It has what Salida is known for: hurl-inducing climbs, reality-defying views, and downward blasts that spin out for mile after mile of giggly fun (and fistfuls of challenge).

Thanks, Canyon Creek. It hurt, but in a good way.

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