63 Trails in Bonney Lake, Washington

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
'Lil Red (Henry’s Ridge) 0.11 Maple Valley
Access Trail (Dash Point State Park) 0.1 Tacoma
Bali To Ponds (Henry’s Ridge) 0.06 Black Diamond
Big Bad Wolf (Henry’s Ridge) 0.27 Maple Valley
Big Beaver (Henry’s Ridge) 1.44 Maple Valley
Boundary Trail (Dash Point State Park) 0.8 Tacoma
Brain Bucket (Lake Sawyer) 1.06 Maple Valley
Brain Wave (Lake Sawyer) 0.45 Maple Valley
Braking Bad (Swan Creek) 0.55 Tacoma
Carbon River Road 5 Carbonado
Carbon River Road 5 Carbonado
Clarks Creek Park Intermediate 6.0 *** Puyallup
Crossover (Dash Point State Park) 0.03 Tacoma
Dash Point State Park Intermediate 5.0 *** Tacoma
Derailer (Henry’s Ridge) 0.56 Maple Valley
Dirt Road (Henry’s Ridge) 0.4 Maple Valley
Double Dip (Dash Point State Park) 0.22 Tacoma
Drop Zone (Swan Creek) 0.06 Tacoma
Extra Credit (Swan Creek) 0.12 Tacoma
Feedback (Swan Creek) 0.18 Tacoma
Foothills Trail Beginner 13.0 ** Bremerton
Fresh Squeezed (Lake Sawyer) 0.95 Maple Valley
Frigid Air (Swan Creek) 0.13 Tacoma
Gnome (Henry’s Ridge) 0.37 Maple Valley
Grassy (Lake Sawyer) 0.14 Maple Valley
Ground Control (Swan Creek) Beginner 1 Tacoma
Heart Attack Hill (Dash Point State Park) 0.17 Tacoma
Henry's Ridge Intermediate 8.0 **** Maple Valley
Hoyt Road Trail (Dash Point State Park) 0.78 Tacoma
Humpty Dumpty (Henry’s Ridge) 0.17 Maple Valley
Hustle and Flow (Swan Creek) 1.67 Tacoma
IMBA Trail (Dash Point State Park) 0.29 Tacoma
Joyride (Swan Creek) 0.13 Tacoma
Kathleen's Traverse 1.0 Black Diamond
Kid's Loop 1.0 Black Diamond
Know It All Kid Trail (Dash Point State Park) 0.27 Tacoma
Kracker Krossing (Dash Point State Park) 0.11 Tacoma
Lake Sawyer Beginner 15.0 **** Black Diamond
Lake Youngs Easiest 9 **** Kent
Light Rail (Swan Creek) 0.15 Tacoma
Log Jam (Dash Point State Park) 0.85 Tacoma
Lorax (Henry’s Ridge) 0.06 Maple Valley
Major Tom (Swan Creek) 0.3 Tacoma
Night Crawler (Dash Point State Park) 0.68 Tacoma
Ogre (Henry’s Ridge) 0.23 Maple Valley
Outbound Trail (Dash Point State Park) 0.32 Tacoma
Pump Track (Swan Creek) 0.06 Tacoma
Rabbithole (Henry’s Ridge) 0.15 Maple Valley
RCA (Swan Creek) 0.24 Tacoma
Recess (Swan Creek) 0.11 Tacoma