156 Trails in Brighton, Utah

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Mutual Dell Connector 175 (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 0.7 Alpine
Naildriver (Deer Valley Resort Bike Park) 1.4 Park City
North Fork Ridge Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 1.8 Alpine
Nowhere Elks (Round Valley) 1.1 Park City
Phosphate Hill (Wasatch Mountain State Park) 3.2 Heber City
Pine Hollow Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 1.9 Alpine
Poppy (Lambert Park) 0.3 Alpine
PorkUclimb (Round Valley) 0.6 Park City
Practice Loops (Round Valley) 0.6 Park City
Prospect (Wasatch Mountain State Park) 1.7 Heber City
Rambler (Round Valley) 0.5 Park City
Return Trail (Trailside Loop And Skills Park) 0.3 Park City
Ricochet (The Canyons Area) 2.6 Park City
River (Lambert Park) 0.5 Alpine
Rodeo Up (Lambert Park) 0.5 Alpine
Ruin (Lambert Park) 0.3 Alpine
Sage (Wasatch Mountain State Park) 0.8 Heber City
Salamander Flat Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 1.6 Alpine
Seventy 101 (Round Valley) 0.6 Park City
Ability Way Trail (Round Valley) 0.8 Park City
BYOB (Utah Olympic Park) 0.6 Park City
Graduate (Glenwild) 0.7 Park City
Snow Gauging Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 1.2 Alpine
Somewhere Elks (Round Valley) 1.0 Park City
South Fork Little Deer Creek (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 3.0 Alpine
Spring (Lambert Park) 1.9 Alpine
Team Cutthroat (Glenwild) 0.3 Park City
Timpooneke-Chris Flat Trail #151 6.9 Alpine
TM (Round Valley) 1.0 Park City
Valderoad (Round Valley) 1.0 Park City
W.O.W. Connector (Wasatch Mountain State Park) 0.8 Heber City
White Dog (Lambert Park) 0.2 Alpine
Wildcat (Lambert Park) 0.4 Alpine
Willow Hollow Trail 159 (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 0.9 Alpine
Zag (Lambert Park) 0.7 Alpine
Yabba Dabba Doo (Trailside Loop And Skills Park) 0.3 Park City
Ziggy (Lambert Park) 0.5 Alpine
Stealth (Glenwild) Easiest 4.1 **** Park City
Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail Easiest 28.0 ** Park City
Poison Creek Easiest 5.0 ** Park City
Little Cottonwood Pipeline Beginner 6.0 *** Salt Lake City
Round Valley Beginner 12.0 **** Park City
Rockport State Park Beginner 0.0 *** Peoa
Daly Grind (Deer Valley Resort Bike Park) Beginner 1.0 *** Park City
Mill Creek Pipeline Beginner 7.4 **** Salt Lake City
Deer Creek State Park Beginner 6.0 **** Midway
Glenwild Beginner 8.0 *** Park City
Shadow Lake Trail (Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR)) Intermediate 2.0 *** Park City
Prospector Area Intermediate 10.0 ***** Park City
Wasatch Mountain State Park Intermediate 20.0 *** Heber City