32 Trails in North Fork, Idaho

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
12 Hours Of Disco Course (Discovery Hill Trails) 8.0 **** Salmon
Anderson Mtn, May Cr, Cabinet Cr Loop (Chief Joseph Pass Area Trails) 28.0 Wisdom
Burns Gulch Loop (Wagonhammer Trail System) Beginner 8.0 **** North Fork
Carl Gulch Shuttle (Wagonhammer Trail System) 7.0 North Fork
CDT: Upper Sheep Creek To Carmen Creek Advanced 21.0 ***** Salmon
Chief Joseph Pass Area Trails 80.0 Wisdom
Continental Divide To 3 Mile Ridge Advanced 17.0 ***** Gibbonsville
Continental Divide Trail - Bradley Gulch to Sheep Creek 13.0 ***** North Fork
Continental Divide Trail - Chief Joseph To Big Hole Pass (Chief Joseph Pass Area Trails) 18.0 Gibbonsville
Continental Divide Trail - Ruby Creek Loop (Chief Joseph Pass Area Trails) 15.0 Wisdom
Discovery Hill Trails Intermediate 40.0 **** Salmon
Divide To Twin Creek Advanced 19.0 ***** North Fork
Elk Trail Loop (Wagonhammer Trail System) 9.0 North Fork
Enduro Loop (Discovery Hill Trails) 9.0 Salmon
Fourth of July to Carmen Creek Trail Advanced 0.0 ***** Salmon
Golway Butte (Discovery Hill Trails) 22.0 Salmon
Haystack/Stormy/Virginia/Shoup Expert 24.0 **** Salmon
Hughes Creek Loop Trail Advanced 24.0 ***** Salmon
Leesburg Downhill 8.0 Salmon
Little Silverlead To Wagonhammer (Wagonhammer Trail System) 11.0 North Fork
Lost Trail-twin Creeks Ridge Intermediate 13.0 **** Salmon
Owl Canyon Loop (Discovery Hill Trails) 6.0 Salmon
Powerline (Discovery Hill Trails) 2.0 Salmon
Sheep Creek Trail Advanced 10.0 **** West Yellowstone
Slump Gulch Loop (Discovery Hill Trails) 8.0 Salmon
Slump Ridge (Discovery Hill Trails) 2.0 Salmon
Spare Rib (Discovery Hill Trails) 2.0 Salmon
Stein Mountain (Wagonhammer Trail System) 10.0 North Fork
Stevenson To May Creek Loop (Chief Joseph Pass Area Trails) Advanced 20.0 ***** Wisdom
Three Mile Ridge (Chief Joseph Pass Area Trails) Advanced 18.0 ***** North Fork
Trail Gulch Shuttle (Wagonhammer Trail System) 8.0 North Fork
Wagonhammer Trail System Advanced 50.0 ***** Salmon