40 Trails in Squamish, British Columbia

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
19th Hole (Diamond Head) 0.8 Squamish
Alice Lake Provincial Park Advanced 19.0 **** Squamish
Another Man's Gold 0.3 Squamish
Another Roadside Attraction (Diamond Head) 0.1 Squamish
Brackentrail (Alice Lake Provincial Park) 0.2 Squamish
Brandywine Falls Provincial Park 3.0 Squamish
Cheakamus Lake Trail (Cheakamus Lake Trails) 5.7 Whistler
Cheakamus Lake Trails 10.0 Whistler
Coho Park Trail (Garibaldi Highlands Trail System) 0.5 Squamish
Cortes Planks (Diamond Head) 0.2 Squamish
Credit Line (Alice Lake Provincial Park) 1.1 Squamish
Crouching Squirrel Hidden Monkey (Alice Lake Provincial Park) 1.2 Squamish
Diamond Head Advanced 30.0 **** Squamish
Ditch Pig (Diamond Head) 0.2 Squamish
East Infection (Diamond Head) 0.1 Squamish
Entrails (Garibaldi Highlands Trail System) 0.7 Squamish
Farside trail (Cheakamus Lake Trails) Beginner 2.0 *** Whistler
Garibaldi Highlands Trail System 20.0 Squamish
Half Nelson (Diamond Head) 1.56 Squamish
Half Nelson (Garibaldi Provincial Park) Beginner 2.0 ***** Squamish
Home Brew (Diamond Head) 0.15 Squamish
Hybrid (Diamond Head) 0.44 Squamish
Icy Hole of Death (Alice Lake Provincial Park) 0.55 Squamish
Low Down (Diamond Head) 0.41 Squamish
Lumberjacks (Alice Lake Provincial Park) 0.98 Squamish
Lumberjacks Connector (Alice Lake Provincial Park) 0.13 Squamish
Mark My Word (Alice Lake Provincial Park) 0.56 Squamish
McCloud (Diamond Head) 0.2 Squamish
Mid-Life Crisis (Alice Lake Provincial Park) 0.22 Squamish
Porteau Cove Provincial Park 0.0 Brackendale
Powerhouse Plunge 2.0 Squamish
Ring Creek Rip 5.0 Squamish
Riverside Trail (Cheakamus Lake Trails) 3.0 Whistler
Sea To Sky Trail Beginner 112.0 **** Whistler
Shannon Falls Provincial Park 0.0 Squamish
Somewhere Over There 1.0 Squamish
Test Of Metal Beginner 60.0 ***** Squamish
Whistler Bike Park Peak Zone Advanced 3.0 **** Whistler
Whistler Mountain Bike Park Intermediate 40 ***** Whistler
Your Mom (Diamond Head) 0.7 Squamish