57 Trails in Pender Harbour, British Columbia

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
33 1/3 (Trout Lake) 0.3 Halfmoon Bay
3D (Big Tree Trails) 0.7 Sechelt
45 (Trout Lake) 0.5 Halfmoon Bay
55 + (Middlepoint) 0.6 Halfmoon Bay
A-Side (Trout Lake) 0.2 Halfmoon Bay
A1 (Connor Park) 0.2 Welcome Beach
AKA (Connor Park) 0.1 Welcome Beach
B-Side (Trout Lake) 0.3 Halfmoon Bay
B.A.L.L.S. (Trout Lake) 0.2 Halfmoon Bay
B4 (Connor Park) 0.4 Welcome Beach
Beyond Easy (Trout Lake) 1.1 Halfmoon Bay
Big Tree Trail (Big Tree Trails) 0.7 Sechelt
Bones (Trout Lake) 0.4 Halfmoon Bay
Brat (Big Tree Trails) 0.6 Sechelt
Cabin Fever (Middlepoint) 1.1 Halfmoon Bay
Connor Connector (Connor Park) 0.2 Welcome Beach
Connor Park 5.0 Welcome Beach
Coopers Green (Trout Lake) 0.1 Halfmoon Bay
Datsun Alley (Connor Park) 2.0 Welcome Beach
DC (Connor Park) 0.2 Welcome Beach
Deliverance (Middlepoint) 0.6 Halfmoon Bay
Doctor Dave (Big Tree Trails) 0.5 Sechelt
Dropbac (Big Tree Trails) 0.7 Sechelt
Dry (Sargeant Bay Provincial Park) 0.1 Sechelt
Dry Feet (Middlepoint) 0.1 Halfmoon Bay
Duroid (Big Tree Trails) 0.1 Sechelt
Easy Street (Big Tree Trails) 0.5 Sechelt
Elevator (Big Tree Trails) 0.1 Sechelt
Endor (Middlepoint) 0.1 Halfmoon Bay
Escalator (Big Tree Trails) 0.5 Sechelt
Fir (Connor Park) 0.1 Welcome Beach
Fork Off (Trout Lake) 0.2 Halfmoon Bay
Frogger 1.3 Halfmoon Bay
Gas Can Alley (Connor Park) 0.16 Welcome Beach
Gravy (Trout Lake) 0.24 Halfmoon Bay
H2O 0.21 Welcome Beach
High School Confidential (Kleindale Trails) 1.02 Kleindale
Highway To Hell (Kleindale Trails) 0.76 Kleindale
Howler (Trout Lake) 0.31 Halfmoon Bay
In & Out (Connor Park) 0.3 Welcome Beach
J-Lo 0.14 Welcome Beach
June (Trout Lake) 0.03 Halfmoon Bay
Kitchin Creek (Trout Lake) 0.5 Halfmoon Bay
Kleindale Trails 22 Kleindale
Leave it to Beaver (Trout Lake) 0.83 Halfmoon Bay
Lena 0.33 Welcome Beach
Little Knives (Trout Lake) 2.28 Halfmoon Bay
Little Loop (Connor Park) 0.46 Welcome Beach
Loco-Motive (Big Tree Trails) 0.58 Sechelt
Lumpy (Trout Lake) 0.45 Halfmoon Bay