91 Trails in Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Academy Trail (Eagle Mountain) 1.2 Anmore
Amy Fisher (Ledgeview) 0.7 Abbotsford
Arduum Guns and Rotors (Red Mountain) 0.7 Mission
Autobahn (Ledgeview) 0.9 Abbotsford
Baby Lips (Downes Bowl Park) 0.4 Abbotsford
Berminator (Ledgeview) 1.0 Abbotsford
Bigguns (Bear Mountain) 1.0 Mission
Bloodlines (Noons Creek) 0.4 Coquitlam
Blue Line (Eagle Mountain) 0.3 Anmore
Braap (Burke Mountain Trails) 0.3 Port Coquitlam
Buntzen Lake Trail (Eagle Mountain) 0.4 Anmore
Burke Mountain Trails Expert 10.0 ***** Port Coquitlam
Canned Chicken Starter (Ledgeview) 0.3 Abbotsford
Cherry Tomato (Bear Mountain) 0.4 Mission
Clayburn Creek Trail (Ledgeview) 1.9 Abbotsford
Clearbrook Park Connector (Downes Bowl Park) 0.9 Abbotsford
Climb Connector (Ledgeview) 0.1 Abbotsford
Cop Out (Ledgeview) 0.1 Abbotsford
Coquitlam River Trail (Burke Mountain Trails) 1.4 Port Coquitlam
Da Plow (Ledgeview) 0.5 Abbotsford
Decapitator (Eagle Mountain) 0.8 Anmore
Deer Hunter (Ledgeview) 0.0 Abbotsford
Donkey Spool (Golden Ears Provincial Park) 0.6 Maple Ridge
Downes Road Connector (Downes Bowl Park) 0.1 Abbotsford
Eagle Bluff Trail (Eagle Mountain) 0.9 Anmore
East Bound and Down (Eagle Mountain) 0.4 Anmore
East Mission Heritage Greenway (Heritage Park) 0.7 Mission
Eric Dunning Trail (Golden Ears Provincial Park) 0.9 Maple Ridge
Exterminator (Eagle Mountain) 0.7 Anmore
Fat Bastard (Eagle Mountain) 0.5 Anmore
Federau (Ledgeview) 0.5 Abbotsford
Fence Line Trail (Bert Flinn Park) 0.2 Anmore
Finn-ish Line (Bert Flinn Park) 0.3 Anmore
Flavelle (Bert Flinn Park) 0.5 Anmore
Flavelle Shortcut (Bert Flinn Park) 0.1 Anmore
Flintstones (Ledgeview) 0.5 Abbotsford
Flow (Burke Mountain Trails) 0.2 Port Coquitlam
Fluid (Burke Mountain Trails) 0.4 Port Coquitlam
Flywheel Trail (Burke Mountain Trails) 0.5 Port Coquitlam
Fork (Ledgeview) 0.2 Abbotsford
Four Letter Word (Ledgeview) 0.2 Abbotsford
Four Lost Souls (Eagle Mountain) 0.4 Anmore
Franks (Burke Mountain Trails) 0.3 Port Coquitlam
Full Pull (Eagle Mountain) 1.8 Anmore
Fun Way Out (Heritage Park) 0.2 Mission
Garbage (Burke Mountain Trails) 0.35 Port Coquitlam
Golden Ears Provincial Park 13.0 Maple Ridge
Gondola (Heritage Park) 0.62 Mission
Grampa’s Eyebrows (Ledgeview) 0.68 Abbotsford
Guava Jelly (Ledgeview) 0.87 Abbotsford