31 Trails in Courtenay, British Columbia

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
42nd Street (Cumberland) 0.2 Comox Valley
50:1 (Cumberland) 1.3 Comox Valley
Bear Bait Turns Trail (Forbidden Plateau Trails) 0.8 Courtenay
Bear Buns (Cumberland) 0.9 Comox Valley
Bears Bait Trail (Forbidden Plateau Trails) 1.7 Courtenay
Bevan Trail (Forbidden Plateau Trails) 1.6 Courtenay
Black Hole (Cumberland) 0.5 Comox Valley
Blue Collar (Cumberland) 1.2 Comox Valley
Brat (Cumberland) 0.3 Comox Valley
Buckets of Blood (Cumberland) 1.2 Comox Valley
Buggered Pig (Cumberland) 0.9 Comox Valley
Cabin Fever (Forbidden Plateau Trails) 3.2 Courtenay
Cabin Fever XC (Forbidden Plateau Trails) 0.7 Courtenay
Carousel (Forbidden Plateau Trails) 0.3 Courtenay
Catnip (Forbidden Plateau Trails) 0.3 Courtenay
Cog the Logs (Nymph Falls Nature Park) 0.6 Courtenay
Crafty Butcher (Cumberland) 0.8 Comox Valley
Cumberland Advanced 20.0 ***** Comox Valley
Cumberland Cruncher (Cumberland) 0.5 Comox Valley
Cupcake (Cumberland) 0.4 Comox Valley
Double Pumper (Cumberland) 0.6 Comox Valley
Entrails (Cumberland) 0.4 Comox Valley
Fiscal Cliff (Cumberland) 0.4 Comox Valley
Forest Loop (Seal Bay Regional Nature Park) 4.83 Courtenay
Fuji Jim (Cumberland) 1.0 Comox Valley
Gecko (Forbidden Plateau Trails) 1.77 Cumberland
Long Loop (Nymph Falls Nature Park) 0.16 Courtenay
Mama Bear (Cumberland) 0.6 Cumberland
Maple (Seal Bay Regional Nature Park) 0.75 Courtenay
Seal Bay Regional Nature Park 8 Courtenay
South Loop (Seal Bay Regional Nature Park) 3.21 Courtenay