165 Trails in Arkansas

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Zig Zag (Northwoods Trail System) 0.7 Hot Springs
Yaupon Yop (Northwoods Trail System) 0.7 HOT SPRINGS
Womble Advanced 37.0 ***** Mt. Ida
Wolf Pen Gap 31.0 Mena
Wishbone (Northwoods Trail System) 0.7 Hot Springs
Wildcat Mountain Trail 8.0 Perryville
Whip-poor-will (Northwoods Trail System) 0.2 Hot Springs
Waterworks Green (Northwoods Trail System) 1.0 Hot Springs
Waterworks Blue (Northwoods Trail System) 0.8 Hot Springs
War Eagle Valley Loop (Hobbs State Park Conservation Area) Intermediate 6.0 **** Rogers
Village Creek Multi-Use Trail System Easiest 35.0 *** Wynne
Viles Branch Equestrian Trail 26.0 Glenwood
Valkyrie (Northwoods Trail System) 1.1 Hot Springs
Upper Buffalo Headwaters Trail System Intermediate 35.0 **** Boxley
Twin Knobs 3.0 Eureka Springs
Thunder Chicken Advanced 2.0 ***** Springdale
The Urban Trail (Razorback Ridge Area) 1.0 Bentonville
The Rocking Horse (Choo Choo Area) Beginner 0.0 *** Bentonville
Syllamo Trails Advanced 50.0 **** Mountain View
Syllamo 50.0 Fort smith
Sweet Spot Trail (Ouita Coal Company Trail) Intermediate 9.0 ***** Russellville
Springhill Park Beginner 10.0 **** Barling
Spadra Creek Nature Trail Intermediate 8.0 ***** Clarksville
Southside Horseshoe Bend Trails Easiest 5.0 * Fort Smith
Slaughter Pen Trail Intermediate 15.0 ***** Bentonville
Shady Lake Trail 3.0 Athens
Screech Owl (Northwoods Trail System) 0.2 Hot Springs
Schroen Train (Rocky Ridge Area) Intermediate 1.0 **** Bentonville
Runway Bike Park @ The Jones Center Intermediate 1.0 **** Springdale
Round Top Loop (Womble) 16.0 Washita
Rocky Ridge Area 3.0 Bentonville
Rocky Ridge (Rocky Ridge Area) 1.0 Bentonville
River Mountain 11 Little Rock
Razorback Ridge Area Advanced 5.0 ***** Bentonville
Razorback Ridge (Razorback Ridge Area) 1.0 Bentonville
Railyard Bike Park 1 ***** Rogers
Ragnarok (Northwoods Trail System) 1.2 Hot Springs
Rabbit Ridge Trail Beginner 1.0 **** Little Rock
Pumphouse (Northwoods Trail System) 0.4 Hot Springs
Pullman Trail (Hot Springs National Park) 0.65 Hot Springs
Pullman (Northwoods Trail System) 0.8 Hot Springs National Park
President Bush Push (Razorback Ridge Area) Advanced 0.0 **** Bentonville
Possum Kingdom Trail 17.0 Hot Springs
Pinnacle Mountain Monument Trails 14 Little Rock
Pigeon Creek National Recreational Trail Intermediate 20.0 **** Mountain Home
Pension Mountain Beginner 2.0 *** Berryville
Pea Ridge Battlefield Beginner 6.0 **** Rogers
Patti Cake (Choo Choo Area) 0.0 Bentonville
Ouachita Trail: Wolf Pinnacle (Ouachita Trail) 21.0 Mena
Ouachita Trail: Irons Fork Scenic Area (Ouachita Trail) Advanced 17.0 **** Mt. Ida