Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

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Mr. Toads Wild Ride is one of Lake Tahoe's Premier technical rides. This ride is one of my favorites! It is one of the finest downhills in the Lake Tahoe region as well. It is a somewhat difficult one with over 3200' vertical feet of climbing involved, but once you get to the top it is all downhill! The descent from Tucker flat is a technical test piece followed by some fantastic single track riding down the Saxon Creek drainage. The trail combines expansive views, meadows, and forests into one special ride. The downhill is mostly all single track too and very technical in sections. Total riding distance on this ride is a little over 20 miles. You will want to take a full camel bag or two bike bottles.
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Q: Looking to ride Mr. Toad without shuttling. I know you start at Oneidas/Fountain Place, but what's the best route up to the Mr. Toad trailhead? I am sure there are some places not to ride to avoid downhill riders. Thanks. -mark-78

A: Park at the bottom of fountain Rd, ride all the way up the pavement, ride up Armstrong then right on TRT. Toads will b on your left after a while. It's one heck of a climb. Use project mtbr or trailforks app to check your location if you're not comfortable with the area. Just FYI there was snow on corral Friday, I'd wait till this weekend before riding toads

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Q: Or is there any trails in South Lake Tahoe area that's rideable in late November? -elee325

A: Its good inless it snows. Just even one day of snow will not make it rideable.

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September 28, 2018
rmap01 Doubletrack  
Review: Mr. Toads is a ripping 5 mile technical downhill. This can be done as part of a loop (~20m total) or a semi-loop if shuttled. To get to Mr. Toads you'll have to do some pretty serious climbing with over 3k feet of elevation gain in the first 10 miles. If you opt for Armstrong Pass (as opposed to the road) expect an even more challenging technical climb especially with the reduced traction in very loose/sandy terrain. The challenge continues with a trek up the Tahoe Rim Trail (Freel Meadows). About midway through the TRT section - when your spirit is just about broken - the trail gods answer your prayers with some downhill fun for a couple of miles as you make the turn to get onto Mr Toads. Ready for 5 miles of downhill bliss? Then you better feather those brakes a sec. First, you're worn out from the grueling climb. Plus, you're at 9300ft elevation so you'll likely be feeling less than at the top of your game. But you see, Mr. Toad's doesn't care and he can dish it out as much as he can take it. Mr. T beats you up. First he lulls you into a false sense of security for the first half mile or so. But then he hits you with some huge rock gardens (more like boulders) on some steeps. Good luck trying to pick a line in some of those spots especially if you've never ridden it before. There are quite a number of these sections - some tougher than others - and the ones you clean will have you howling with delight. Once past the upper section of Mr. T it's pure bliss... but by no means a cake walk. There's a cool rocky step down and plenty of opportunity for air. Just be mindful that these trails can get very sandy so if you're railing a turn at speed you may find your bike veering in unintended ways. Overall, an exhilarating experience that should not be missed.


August 23, 2017
bikerjack Gramcounter  
Review: recent rain has been great to tighten up the sandy corners.

Granny Gear

August 1, 2017
Review: Road up Mr. Toad from Onedias Rd. Steep in sections and technical. Definitely for experienced climbers only. Bikes from top of Mr. Toad to Armstrong and then down through Coral. Great ride to say the least. Much easier if you bike in the opposite direction than what I described.

Granny Gear

June 18, 2016
ckwong23 Granny Gear  
Review: Great - technical to flowy. Right now snow but if your willing to hike a bit rideable. Not for beginners

Granny Gear

October 21, 2015
Martin Mi Granny Gear  
Review: One of my top favorite trails. Having spent the past months since May riding in the US and CA that says something. Its fast and technical, I just thoroughly enjoyed it.
Probably more enjoyable if you are a advanced rider. Its got a fairly decent climb on semi technical single track. The descent starts out rocky and smooths out eventually. FUN!

Bunny Hop

April 2, 2014
rkinderv Bunny Hop  
Review: Awesome trail. Intense climb. Totally worth it.

Bunny Hop

June 15, 2013
Roxy&Yeti Bunny Hop  
Review: To get there, I would recommend turning into Oneidas and parking just outside of the gate to the National Forest. That way when you dump out of Toad's, your car is right there to the left.

Somebody mentioned earlier that they wished they could give this trail two ratings but didn't really elaborate on it so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Here's what to expect.

Trail 1: My husband and I decided to call this "Solitary Inclinement," since, no matter how many friends you have, you can get trapped in some crazy mind-games of self-pitying pain. From South Lake Tahoe, take Pioneer Trail, left on Oneidas, and park outside the gate. This becomes "Fountain Place Rd." as soon as you pass through the gate, (although it's never labeled as far as I could tell). You can either take this asphalt road all the way up to Armstrong Pass Trail (this is what we did as we knew the climb was going to be long) or, about two or three miles up you can take the Armstrong connector to avoid the road but possibly increase your overall suffering (idk, maybe it's easier?). Armstrong Pass Trail is a whole lot of uphill singletrack with some technical sections that I thought were really quite fun. Although it's only about 3 miles long, it feels longer, because by now, you've been climbing about seven, pretty much non-stop, nearly two miles above sea level. You'll come to a four-way intersection with Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) and you take a right. This is where Solitary Inclinement becomes Corporal Punishment. We talked about this point of the ride over and over again as "the breaking point." Just when you think you've had enough uphill, and it's about time to have even a few hundred feet of something flat, or maybe even some downhill, you get what you thought you wanted: in the "Boulders From Hell Rock Gardens Section". If I could give it a triple black diamond, I would. Just, just walk, and don't feel bad. Maybe an awesome rider could clear it on a good day, but after that much climbing, and with such severe dropoffs, you'll find yourself harried enough. It's a bit of a rude awakening from the "fun" techical sections of before. Once you're through this section, there's more uphill to come. All together, there's about ten and a half miles of uphill. I will admit that we did this at the beginning of the season, and we were not yet in "season," so we were totally pooped by the end, and VERY happy to finally find outselves at:

Ride 2: At some undefinable stretch of TRT, the trail finally starts to head downhill, and stays that way for the most part for the next ten or so miles. The first three or so miles of this is super super fun and super techincal in parts, but nothing that can't be cleared. Beautiful views, some rolling meadows, and lovely wildflowers. Ironically, this is the one place we wiped out. My husband tried to go over a three-foot tall snowbank (mid-June) and slid onto his ass. Pretty comic, we both laughed. Then you come to a branch in the trail and take a right onto some double black diamond called "Tucker Flat" as in flat on your face if you don't walk some of it. BIG boulders and dropoffs with sudden and sharp turns and nasty wheel-grabs. Some of them would have been doable if we had only shuttled up and come down fresh, provided you walk it down first to pick out your path. The ones you clear will have you feeling like a total boss, just keep your butt behind the seat on those two-foot-plus dropoffs and believe you can fly. Tucker Flat bleeds to the right into Saxon Creek Trail. I think this is the true beginning of "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" as it is HELLA fun, swoopy, bermy, and just clean, good riding. There are some stairways that are fun as well. Official Mr. Toads is virtually boulder and rock-free and you can take it at very high speeds as the turns are well-bermed and welcome after so much tricky technical stuff. After this, hang a right and ride a mile or so of doubletrack up to Fountain Place and left to your original stop.

We rode this on a Yeti ASR-5 Carbon and Ibis Mojo SL. My husband envied me on the uphills with my more vertical head tube angle (Ibis) and I was big-time hating on my husband with his slacker head tube angle on the descents. I don't know how or why you would possibly do this trail without full suspension. It is a dream on a good machine, and I woudn't recommend it if you're ill-equipped or out of shape AT ALL.

This ride's reputation is well-earned. The descent is so amazing you practically forget the pain of the ascent, or at least you're thankful for it since you're eating good food non-stop for the next three days.

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Bunny Hop

August 19, 2014
Review: Please do not ride up Armstrong Connector. It is a downhill trail so people will not see you and you could get injured. Also the Armstrong Pass Trail is now re-done this year so it is a little longer but easier to ride up. It's actually really fun. It's about 5 miles now. The Lake Tahoe Basin map does not have the right milage yet for the trail since the update was just done this year. Have fun!

Similar Trail: Corral Trail

Granny Gear

August 28, 2012
Briko03 Granny Gear  
Review: I feel like this ride deserves two reviews, but alas it doesn't work that way. The beginning of the climb is all asphalt "camping" or "fire roads". This may be deceiving as it is just the beginning. I am not one to recommend a shuttle however I'd be willing to make an exception on this ride. Having ridden from the bottom I was spent before I reached the top, and I consider myself in decent shape. The downhill is certainly something special with a variety of terrain offering something for everyone and it seems to go on forever (maybe I was just exhausted).

July 20, 2012
Review: Awsome ride!!! Cant wait to go down again!! Dont miss this ride its awsome!!

Granny Gear

July 16, 2012
MattyD32 Granny Gear  
Review: The sickest trail in South Lake. Do it up Armstrong Pass or the easier route by shuttling to the top of Luther Pass. Either way your climbing hard, but the decent is EPIC.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride MTB Trail 4.73 out of 5 based on 15 ratings. 15 user reviews.
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