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I have not been able to find this trail anywere else on the net... too bad! It is a great mt. there are sevral trails, though not very technical, there are some mean climbes and some great downhills. the trails are not named so you will just have to do some exploring! My fav. loop start just as you get to the top of the first hill on the road at the trail head, from the parking lot.Have Fun!!
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Q: The reason you may not find much on the internet is that this awesome mtb trail area is called the Monument Preserve, NOT Mt. Herman Trail! Mt. Herman Trail is about 7 miles further down Mt. Herman Road and goes to the top of Mt. Herman. Friends of the Monument Preserve have a website, and I have occasionally found Monument Preserve trail maps at local bike shops. Locals also refer to these as the "work center trails" as the Hot Shots have a training facility here. -mikeandlorena

A: Monument Preserve is a very nice riding area -- not tons of mileage but too small plus there is a lot of variety from very beginner trails to advanced trails. I'm guessing you would agree, personally I would consider the Mt. Herman Trail as part of the Preserve trail network. It is depicted as such on the maps. I recently found a map at Criterium bike shop in COS. IMO, one should definitely by a map before going here the first time. There is essentially no signage in the network, but it is hard to get truly lost -- Mt Herman is west and the entire system generally slopes east down to the THD. So grab a map and enjoy exploring ... and the riding.

mongwolf answered on July 15, 2017. Did you find this helpful? Yes | No


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July 12, 2017
mongwolf Epic  
Review: I also rode Black Pearl and Granite Circle Loop today. GCL is an easy loop with a nice DH in the end (from the monument marker and east). BP is well named. It has quite a bit of technical climbing and descending. It's not fast but still very fun. It challenged my technical skills, but that's not saying much. I didn't clear several places. I'll be back for more challenge.


July 12, 2017
mongwolf Epic  
Review: I "rode" (and hiked) the DLS Trail today from south to north. Much of the trail is overgrown with scrubby Gamble oak. The southern third or so of the trail is very chunky and at least black diamond. The overgrowth doesn't help at all. The middle third is black diamond. The northern third is easy intermediate. If you have excellent trials skills and love crawling your way over big chunky rock, this may be the trail for you. I don't think I'll be back -- at least not until the brush is cut back substantially. However maintenance of this trail in terms of the oak looks like an unending battle -- an intense unending battle.


June 15, 2017
mongwolf Epic  
Review: I rode the trails in the Monument Preserve today. There is a lot of variety here. The north side of the preserve from Monument Rock and below is beginner. Only two trails on this side seems worth a ride -- Twisty Oaks (Renegade on the preserve map) and also the Mad Hatter. Then the south side of the preserve and anything west of the Mt. Herman Road are much more technical and interesting. Lots of challenges in both areas. Some various thoughts. First, do your homework before you come and ride here the first time. There are no trail signs. But if you buy the Monument Preserve Trail map and look on Google Earth and Mountain Bike Project, you can get well oriented before you come. I did my homework beforehand and had zero problems navigating the area. I can't imagine trying to figure this place out without some pre-ride preparation. Second, I didn't think the scree and sand were bad, but the lines of sight can be very limited in some areas, so be careful. Third, look up Monument Preserve Loop on Mountain Bike Project. This is a good first ride to get oriented to the Preserve. Fourth, I'm guessing that this is a great place to ride in the winter. I bet the fat bikes get out and ride the area. So If you don't have a fat bike, you can probably follow behind them by a day or two after a snow. Fifth, there is a separate listing on the Singletracks database for the 715 trail and Limbaugh Canyon on the west side of Mt Herman. I think this is probably a good distinction to divide this entire area up into two these sub-areas in your thinking -- the Preserve itself (basically east (below) of Mt Herman) and the Limbaugh Canyon loop (including the entire area immediately surrounding and west of Mt Herman).

Granny Gear

February 19, 2017
drock711 Granny Gear  
Review: Good challenging trails with a lot of options. Downfalls; many hikers using the same trails, poor marking & no directional trails, which is a huge safety issue if you like to ride fast. I was constantly worried about running into someone traveling in the opposite direction.


December 4, 2016
Gdb49 Gnarly  
Review: Just had a regular to this area take me out on this trail system and it was a blast!


November 7, 2016
Kristyne Gramcounter  
Review: Generally speaking I enjoy this trail but the trails were super sandy and over toward stupid trail very eroded and we were going uphill over lots of exposed rock. Would have been better in reverse but still some deep sandy trails made for some tough pedaling.


January 23, 2014
Gdb49 Gnarly  
Review: Very unique area and a lot of fun! Great trails and very beautiful.
Road this again and had to raise it to 5 stars. Gave it 4 stars the first time after going up without any idea of what the area had to offer and still loved it, but riding it today with someone who knew the area, bumped it to 5 stars. Brutal ride up and worth every bit of it. We took Stoopid up to the road, then to 715 to the upper lakes, then back to the 715 down to White Ghost or something like that, then to the base. The up was absolutely brutal riding up some very technical singletrack, but rideable. Only 16 miles, but 3000 ft of elevation gain. Anyone who cleans this ride is a stud, had to walk a couple spots. This area makes my top ten in the Front Range. Would be nice if it was a little better marked and a map would be nice, guess the locals don't want to share.

Granny Gear

September 25, 2013
tdmahaf Granny Gear  
Review: so i was new to this area and started out at the trailhead. i didnt read prior reviews so i didnt know to head clockwise. if you don't go the right area you end up riding on a multitude of trails that all pop you out on the dirt road where you don't want to be. you really want to be on a trail that is south of the dirt road. i think this is trail 715.

to get straight to 715 just take a left on nursery road when you hit the trail head and then go past the fence where the road dead ends, there are a few signs and theres an entry. after you go through the gate, take a left by the trail marker 715. you will know you are at the trail when you find a fence post with a point in it and a green ribbon around it; if you go right there, that is for sure a very advanced climb. im not even sure you should climb up it.


June 7, 2013
Review: Goodness this trail is SOOO POORLY MARKED!!! We parked at Nursery Rd. as directed and rode the trail clockwise from the parking lot. Took us downhill to a fire road and connecting trails that just lead us to private properties. So we decided to follow the reviews and went the direction that took us uphill. 18 miles after, we were still nowhere near the parking lot! Loosing light fast, we decided to carry our bikes and hike up 30 feet up the mountainside to a nearby road. At least it was a fast 45mph downhill ride all the way down to the parking lot from where we emerged. Took that back to the parking lot but if we would have gone further it would have taken us 25 miles into deep into the mountains through the Limbaugh Canyon Trail 715, lost and flailing in darkness!!! My worst experience biking in the Front Range to date! I don't think I will be coming back any time soon. There are better rides in Colorado, ones that do not require you to get lost in the mountainside because of poorly marked trails!

Similar Trail: Nothing I've ridden in Co so far!!!


July 11, 2012
Ryhder34 Poseur  
Review: I have ran at Mt. Hermnan several times and it is a great place to run. This review is not about Mt. Herman but about Single tracks. The map of Mt. Herman is terrible. Hardly any detail at all. It looks like a little kid just scribbled on a piece of paper. The description states roughly 4000 feet of climbing for the scribbled map. When I look at the profile map the best I can come up with is 2,500 feet of climbing.

* Review edited 7/11/2012

Mount Herman Trail MTB Trail 4.18 out of 5 based on 35 ratings. 35 user reviews.
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