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Despite RAMBO's announcement back in February that these trails would be opening in 2011, at the time of this writing they are far from complete. However, there are several miles of rideable singletrack already available that offers great swoop and flow and really, truly feels like a pump track in spots! As a result it isn't very technical, but this machine-cut singletrack sure does flow! There are a couple of great views of Lake Lanier to be had.

The back section that is still under construction will have the most elevation gain. All in all, this is looking to be a great trail, and an excellent addition to Forsyth County. Until now, the only mountain biking available in Forsyth was a couple of easy miles at Central Park. Finally, Forsyth has a real mountain bike trail!
added by Greg HeilWorld Champ
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Trail features
  • Lift Service
  • Drinking Water
  •   Night Riding
  • Pump Track
  • Restrooms
  • Winter Fat Biking
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Q: The about trail section needs to be seriously updated please. The trails are in full working order! -MTB_Crash

A: Thanks MTB_Crash! You can update Charleston Park trail info using this form:

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Q: Is the trail open? 4 days ago we were approached by a Parks and Rec employee that told us it was closed and we could be fined $130. -Guest

A: The trails at Charleston Park in Forsyth County, GA are currently closed and under reconstruction. They are set to be completed and reopened by September 2014. For Trail updates please visit our website @ or follow us on Facebook @ Thanks!

dm_1013 answered on June 28, 2014. Did you find this helpful? Yes | No


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Bunny Hop

November 23, 2018
jdbakin1 Bunny Hop  
Review: My wife and I both rode this and we feel the same way: the trail is definitely overrated, especially in light of the reviews on this page. There is very little flow, roots throughout, and not enough downhill for the climbs. We have recently ridden and LOVED Blankets Creek and even Big Creek, both of which had a lot of roots and technical sections but still had much, much better flow. The views are great but we will likely not be returning.


May 6, 2018
Texx Smith Gramcounter  
Review: I rode the inner loop only. Kinda wonder why they call their two trails the inner loop and the outer loop as one does not surround the other, it's one after another, but what they call these trails is not that important. In the parking lot as I was unloading a uber wealthy couple (or at least they wanted to look like one), was loading and talking really loudly about the poor conditions of the track. they obviously wanted me to hear them. They were saying things like it was impassible, it was almost completely rutted and where there weren't deep ruts, it was soft sand, almost like quick sand. It seemed really odd the way they were talking, but I figured they were just trying to get me to look at their $15k worth of bicycles and their $60k Porsche SUV and of course all their fancy Lycra. After I got on the trail and saw the conditions of the trail were near perfect I guess they were just trying to talk me into loading my cheap bike back up and leaving "their" MTB trail alone. Maybe I'm just projecting the many wealthy d-bags in Florida with waterfront homes that think it's "their" beach, and their park and their street. But who knows. I was a busy day when I got there, well the park was busy, the mixed use trail handled the traffic just fine, never once seeming busy. there were only a few walkers but sadly two of them brought dogs, and of course they fought when they saw each other, and this point was the only time the trail was impassible and the peace and quiet gone. But after I moved away from them. Odd note: This trail has signs that say bikers "always" have right way. That backwards from what other parks say, isn't it? The trail was impeccably clean, not a scrap of garbage anywhere. This trail seems to have been designed by someone who didn't really want anyone to use it, at least in the direction I was going (it rotates on different days) of the week. It's Georgia so there were lots and lots of pine roots, no [problem, but there was not one single drop or jump and only the shortest straightaways possible. No going fast here. And somehow they got a wicked witch to cast a spell on this trial make this loop, it IS a loop, uphill the entire way. which seems impossible I know. but besides little downhill section (very little) that are broken up with sharp turns so you can't build speed somehow the entire thing is mostly uphill. that has to be either some kind of magic use or my imagination. I would say the later but others in my small party were mentioning that too.


April 20, 2018
Review: The rating and review on this trail is in serious need of updating. I would at least rate this trail into 2 categories. The inner loop is a beginner trail while the outer loop is closer to Intermediate. The outer loop has some of if not the most roots of any trail I ride in north Georgia. And they're nothing to sneeze about. On the back side near the swampy area is some gnarly technical sections that are quite fun. The first half has some long climbs with tremendous long DH flow payoffs. It appears RAMBO has been rerouting and/or creating some new trails here which seem to make it more fun in certain sections. It appears they've made a new shortcut that one can bypass the swampy section altogether. I think. I've not rode it but it seems like it from what I saw. Maybe someone else can attest to this.


August 2, 2017
kay oh Gramcounter  
Review: Wonderful little trail. There are two loops, and the riding direction changes every day. The inner loop is more technical; washed out, steep, and more roots than rocks. The outer loop feels like a six-mile-long pump track; it just flows and flows, with only one little break in the bottom near the "connector" (you'll know it when you see it) where the roots are lying like a carpet on the forest floor. The only real shortcoming is that the trail is short, so you'll probably want to ride it all twice. Whoever is maintaining this trail is doing a superb job under difficult conditions. This trail is especially vulnerable to water erosion, so stay off it for 48 hours following a rain shower. Free parking, free riding, and the ninth worst public restroom in Georgia are all at the trailhead parking lot.

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Granny Gear

July 28, 2017
Spicoli Granny Gear  
Review: Fun ride overall, lake views and a variety of terrain. It can get the blood pumping for sure, but there are rewards for the climbs. Good downhill sections with rollers. Techincal in some spots with roots, etc, but not to the point of annoying like Big Creek. I prefer running it clockwise, but counter clockwise, the outer loop starts with some good DH after a climb. Clockwise just seems more fun....

Bunny Hop

May 1, 2017
a11smiles Bunny Hop  
Review: good trail, but not sure if I would classify this trail as a "beginner". It seems that much of the trail below the roots has washed, so it takes some good maneuvering, if not some hops, to get up the trail. Seems a bit more difficult than some of the intermediate trails around here. Still fun and good sights though.

Granny Gear

April 29, 2017
gokupe Granny Gear  
Review: beautiful view of the lake , well taken care, good signs, some painful climbs , very fun , not for early beginners


December 23, 2016
Review: I wanted to give a shout-out to whomever recently went to Charleston Park with either a scrapper blade or leaf blower (mac daddy one for sure!) and cleaned the leaves off the entire trail. It is in immaculate shape right now and SO much fun to ride.

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December 3, 2016
Review: Lots of roots on this trail. Nice flow trails.

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November 23, 2016
Review: Great buff trail full of twists and turns and a good bit of climbing. Well marked. I especially like the the swampy rooty section in the middle of the outer loop.

Charleston Park MTB Trail 4.17 out of 5 based on 49 ratings. 49 user reviews.
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