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391 Main Street
Moab, Utah

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  • Olivia Ramsay

    I rented two e-bikes two days in advance and was really clear that I needed a small as I am only 5ft2 which the rental guy understood and said that was all fine. The whole point of our trip to Moab was to do the slick rock trail but when we came to pick up the bikes they had given the small away to a rider on a group tour. I didn’t want to take an e-bike that is too big so am bitterly disappointed. Terrible service.

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  • UtahJohn

    Bad experience that could have been avoided. My buddy and I planned a trip to Moab from out of town, and called to schedule a shuttle up to Burro Pass a few days ahead of time. The guy that took our reservation required a CC, so I figured they were running a good operation. I was wrong.

    I was told it was a slow season, which I understand. But he promised us that if a shuttle didn't run (they needed 4 passengers), they'll make some calls and arrange another ride for us with another company. He also said he'd call us to let us know what was going on.

    We show up at 8am for an 8:30 shuttle (were told to be there by 8:15am), and were told the shuttle wasn't running. The girls at the desk literally laughed at us when we explained what happened. They didn't make any phone calls on our behalf as promised, and didn't seem the least bit concerned about how they came across.

    Even at $50 ($25x2) they aren't losing any money, and the good will it would have generated to run a shuttle at "break even" would have resulted in a 5 star review. But it's clear they do not care about how they treat folks, so I strongly suggest you frequent a different shuttle and different bike shop in Moab.

    Added 9/26/15: The reply from the management is another example of their attitude. A good reply would have been "so sorry for this, what can we do to make this right? Or make it up to the customer?" it's "sorry about that". You guys could step forward and make it right, or at least make the OFFER to do so, by calling me back (you have my phone # on my reservation), and offer a couple free shuttles the next time we come to Moab. That is how you win over customers you have screwed over, by trying to correct your errors, instead of just cover them up.
    Response from the owner3 weeks ago-
    Dear John - We are very sorry about your experience with our front desk staff and shuttle booking. Whomever answered the phone to take your reservation absolutely did not follow protocol for booking shuttle in the off season. Unfortunately we do actually loose money running a shuttle with fewer than 4 riders. We will work on letting all of our employees know that they need to be more informative when making shuttle reservations and again apologize for the poor experience.

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  • UtPreacher

    Great shop overall. I agree the rentals are a little expensive that is why I rated it 4 instead of 5. They do have great employee and large selection of anything you need if you break, loose, or forget something while in town.

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  • pyrophly

    This was the first shop I stopped at when I arrived in town. They had a great selection tires. Being that I am running 26 x 2.50, this size has been harder to find. They had a great selection of rental bikes & camping/outdoor supplies. I went to every other bike shop in town, but I feel this one was the best all around shop.

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  • Lancefan

    This a great bike shop with good service and great helpfull employees, the only problem is that the rentals are expensize.

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