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W Main st
Cortez, Colorado

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  • UtPreacher

    HUGE shop! When I went in I thought the small store front was going to be a regular sized shop but this place is huge and well set up. They were more than helpful and gave good advice on local trails. They have a awesome selection of gear that you may have left home or broken on the trail. If nothing else stop and get a water bottle with their logo for a sweet little souvenir and enjoy some good company.

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  • wrobo34

    Absolutely love this bike shop!!! Last year the day before 12hrs Mesa verde my crank arm broke off, they fixed it for like $20 in 10 mins of walking in the shop.. A year later on vacation, I walk into the shop looking for my favorite chain lube, they we're out but had a 1/3 of a bottle of it that they use.. Gave it to me free.. I love bike shops like this.

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