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Brand: Santa Cruz
The ultra-skinny, scary-fast, heart-rate-monitor-wearing contingent of the Santa Cruz Bicycle riding family said they wanted a little something special. Well, always wanting to appease those who are faster than us, we gave it a shot and succeeded with the Blur XC. The unsurpassed Virtual Pivot Point suspension, with 115 mm of rear wheel travel is wrapped up in a featherweight package. Weighing 1 pound less than its big brother the LT, boasting a shorter rear end, longer top tube, and lighter tubing, the Blur XC will provide you with a buttery- smooth ride and handling so responsive you'll swear it was reading your mind.

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Q: Hi, I'm currently looking at buying a full suspension bicycle (Upgrade from my 29' hard tail). I'm a small female (156cm), ride mostly cross country. I have narrowed my search down to two bicycles been the Trek Top Fuel 9.8 or the Santa Cruz Blur. If I decide on Trek I need to ride a 27.5 wheel bicycle where as if I choose Santa Cruz I'm able to fit on the small frame 29'er. The specs are fairly similar and the price is not very different. Does anyone have any advice on which might be a better bicycle for me.
A: I can only speak for the BlurCC. I have the X01 and it is an amazingly fast and great handling bike. It climbs and tracks very well on all terrains I have ridden in. I have also noticed that it is an excellent downhill bike as well (makes sense coming from Santa Cruz Bikes).... I personally still like 29'rs.